Issue 357 - January 7, 2010
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Cover Story: What is our next move? - Chess anyone? - The Gambit By Nathaniel Turner
Cartoon/Art: Hopeless Escalation By Shepard Fairey
Attorney General Holder Picks Up Irresponsible Black Male Theme - African American Leadership By Dr. Ron Walters
Enough, Mr. President: The blockade of Gaza must end! - The African World By Bill Fletcher, Jr
Barack Obama: Impersonating a Black Man - Keeping It Real By Larry Pinkney
Terrorism by Another Name - Represent Our Resistance By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD
The Wars in Yemen: More Complex than We’re Being Told - Left Margin By Carl Bloice
Analysis: The Spirit of Jim Crow is Alive and Well in the USA By Dr. Martin Kilson, PhD
Black Gays Invited to White House - Inclusion By The Reverend Irene Monroe
Cartoon: Global Warming By Carlos Latuff
Hostility Toward American Workers Shown by Republican Leaders - Solidarity America By John Funiciello
Kiilu Nyasha: Still Strong, Still True, and Still a Revolutionary - In Struggle Spotlight By Larry Pinkney
Women in Relationships More Apt to Develop Love Handles - Black Married Momma By K. Danielle Edwards
Cartoon: Happy 2010 from Obama By Carlos Latuff
What the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen Mean for US? By Jacqui Patterson
New Year’s Resolution By Daniel N. White
Obama Did It: Morphs the Stockholm Syndrome into the Oslo Syndrome By Wilson Riles
Quote to Ponder: "The blood, sweat, tears, and suffering of Black people..." - Huey P. Newton