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 Cover Story: Lincoln and Race: Not So Simple

We should remember that it was Lincoln and the Republicans (in a Congress without advocates for a southern route) who championed the transcontinental railroad that with Federal support lead to the rise of the national railroad barons, progenitors of the corporatist Romney.

Political Cartoon - Secesssion By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

Who Rules?

A $46 million pot of advertising money magically appeared, dwarfing the mere $8 million that was raised by supporters of labeling, and the result is old news.

World Climate Change Gathering Awaits Obama Response

This may be the last great opportunity for the United States to avoid permanently falling behind China.

 Walmart’s Black Friday and “Convict Leasing” of the 99%

Criminalize Black life and the business of maintaining racial segregation codes has gone global.

 They Still Hang Black Women in America...

Although Rice was simply summarizing the information provided to her from the experts and authorities on the horrific matter, there’s a growing chorus of good ol’ boys who’ve no qualms about pronouncing her, in essence, a “dumb-ass colored girl”.

 Fixing Up America - By Larry Matthews

We know whose liberty and opportunity we’re talking about and it’s not the Americans on the margins.

 One Is A Hundred

Each Walmart protestor, who courageously stands for justice in his or her workplace, stands for 100 who are too intimidated to do the same.

Political Cartoon - Help Out Then Get Out By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Dr. King Can Help Build the Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance Movement

Palestinians are sick and tired, echoing the days of the Jim Crow South or South African apartheid.

 Petition to US White House and State Department: Condemn Israeli Aggression in Gaza

Rather than taking a stand against Israeli’s onslaught and issuing an unambiguous demand for an end to the bloodshed, the Obama administration has condemned alleged Palestinian terrorism, repeating the dishonest line that this violent attack is merely in defense of Israel (a position reinforced by the one-sided coverage of the corporate news media).

 Defending the Indefensible

Black America collectively, can no longer make genuine claim to being in opposition to the systemic injustices, tyranny, and ravages of the U.S. Empire at home and abroad while simultaneously supporting the head of the Empire - for to do so would not only be hypocritical but also a vain attempt to defend the indefensible.

 AP’s Discouraging “Homophobia” is Discouraging

Part of our liberation is in our strength to call out acts of homophobia.

 Understanding the History of Haiti

For three centuries the crime of being Black was punished by torture, rape, and murder.

 Is Eric Holder Being Punked by Two County Sheriffs?

There have always been penalties for doing your job too well in Buffalo government.

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