Do you have an exit strategy for you and your family?

Underground urban bunker? Remote mountain cabin, or, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch? On a jet plane, headed out of the Country? Canada, London, Paris, or perhaps out of the country but still on American soil in Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

Come November 5th, America will be 13 months pregnant, ready to blow, and it seems, arguably, so much of White America hates Black and brown people.

Isn’t that where this whole hot mess called the 2024 Presidential election is headed? The fall of the United States?

Unquestionably The Republican MAGA Party needs an exorcism, and Satan just called. He wants his brother Donald back, right?

If he, whose name shall not be spoken ever again, is reelected Emperor, God bless us, and if he isn’t elected, God help us. He will unleash his millions of White evangelists, those who have no shame, none, none at all, the fruit cake zealots who’ll begin some twisted, diabolical revolt.

What will you do, where will you go?

Who will you call for protection from your MAGA neighbors who happen to be police officers and teachers, and want to burn down your house and lynch you and your family from the trees in your front yard, just like in the good ol’ days they openly yearn for?

Who ya’ gonna call, the Klan-Busters?

Yep, see we Americans of color find ourselves in a tight-ass spot, stuck between the orange-haired devil and the deep blue sea, and have no question about it, this land, America isn’t our land.

The Mason/Dixon Line is Canada.

Or is this a case of 40 million plus Black folks not knowing they are the sons and daughters of slaves, and that we’ve always been unwanted and unwelcomed, so many of us could flee and be free, but we don’t know we’re still slaves? We believe we are US citizens, homeowners with a mortgage, nice Mercedes. We’re not niggers, we’re Americans. Sure, yeah, right, this land is your land, this land is my land. Negro, please! Wake up!

Who sees it like that? And, why, oh why, can’t the Blind see?

Surely not the Make America Great/White cult.

Nonetheless, where are you and your family going to be when the racist tidal wave strikes, all across America?

Who’s going to protect you, save you from the MAGA mobs?

A new, freshly baked movie on the horizon, “Civil War,” is about to awaken millions of Americans so that they can vote in droves and soundly defeat the sinister and soulless MAGA forces of He-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Uttered, who will be both emboldened after viewing the movie, but also enraged it was even made, let alone released in what is the political season.

News clips in the trailer tell us 19 states have seceded, the U.S. army has ramped up activity, and there are mentions of something referred to as the “Western Forces” of California and Texas, as well as the “Florida Alliance.” We’re told the president has said an ongoing uprising will be dealt with swiftly.

The intense clip is full of harrowing images, but perhaps none more so than a standoff between one of the characters and an armed man who can be heard saying during a standoff, “There’s been a misunderstanding, we are American.” To which the character chillingly replies, “Ok, what kind of American are you?”

Thank God someone has made a movie about the fate of this nation because it seems the surest way to reach out and touch a nation of undereducated, easily distracted, and innately disinterested Americans and to connect them with the rank-and-file mainstream via a movie.

Most Americans of any color couldn’t produce an 8th-grade level essay on the basic “ins & outs” of World War II if it weren’t for “Saving Private Ryan,” and couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the RMS Titanic if not for the movie.

There were generations of Black Americans who couldn’t explain the importance and significance of Jackie Robinson until it was made into a flick about 8 years ago, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, most thought he was a Marvel hero. Not Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale, until the movie “Judas and the Black Messiah” came out.

This sad reality, that the fate of the USA, the capital of the “Free World” sits in the laps of slightly educated, non-intellectually curious dummies is real.

I can’t risk it, not my family’s lives, to these clowns.

According to the late iconic actor/singer/activist Harry Belafonte, Martin Luther King had this epiphany days before his bloody assassination: “I have come to believe that we are integrating into a burning house. I’m afraid that America has lost the moral vision she may have had, and I’m afraid that even as we integrate, we are walking into a place that does not understand that this nation needs to be deeply concerned with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Until we commit ourselves to ensuring that the underclass is given justice and opportunity, we will continue to perpetuate the anger and violence that tear the soul of this nation. I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house.”

The roof is on fire, The Roof Is On Fire, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE, let the mother burn, let’s go to Tahiti.

BlackCommentator.com Columnist, Desi

Cortez, who also writes for

BlackAthlete.com & NegusWhoRead.com,

was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa

1961, at the dawning of the age of

Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic

individuals, Raised in South-Central LA,

the 213. At age 14 transplanted to the

base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-

Hi. Sat at the foot of scholars for many,

many moons, emerging with a desire and

direction… if not a sheep-skin.

Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places,

done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub

into an officer n' gentleman, a "man's

man." Produced a beautiful baby-girl

with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired

my "little" mind on the airwaves and

wrote some stuff along the way.

Wordsmith behind America's Ten Months

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Trump Can't "Make America White

Again." A New, More Inclusive, Diverse

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