Guest Commentary Submission Guidelines

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We happily accept commentary submissions from readers. We do not make editorial changes we accept or reject submissions based on whether we think it is a good fit. We do try our best to proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Emai your commentary as a MS Word attachment to

[email protected]

Our format guidelines are:

- PLEASE DO NOT USE THE MS WORD MARKUP FEATURE - If you do we can not use your submission.

- Avoid footnotes - Links are best for the WWW - If you insist on notes, make them end notes, not footnotes because they are designed to be posted at the end of each page and on the WWW there are no page breaks in an article.

- single spaced

- left justified

- blank line between paragraphs

- do not indent paragraphs.

- please run the spell checker first.

- include a short bio




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