I’m your warrior, I’m your justice

I’m your MAGA in the alley

Been betrayed, time to get laid

Break some laws, go get paid

You know me, I’m your friend

Your main boy, thick and thin

I’m your retribution.

I’m your retribution.

Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” popped in my head when I read trump’s remarks again from last spring when he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Most of the words in the above stanza come from that speech. This dude has delusions of being a bad boy that would out-Putin Putin. His recent win in Iowa puts trump closer to the seat of power that eluded him in 2020. He’s coming back with hindsight sharper than 20/20.

Like in 2016, trump is not being taken seriously as a candidate who could win. Again.

Some people thought trump couldn’t campaign while defending himself against some 91 criminal charges. He thumbed his nose at the Republican debates while his opponents spent hours prepping for their fifteen minutes of fame. He even urged the Republican party to stop “wasting time and money” pushing his weak competitors before the voters.

Some people think because he’s a disgraced candidate, trump’s fate is sealed. His vices were exposed before he became president, during his presidency and after the presidency. Yet, there are trumpers who liken him to Jesus Christ, having to bear the heavy cross of his detractors.

Depending on what month, some polls have trump leading incumbent president Joe Biden. He has consistently been the Republican front runner, a fact that he loves to share with his adoring fans. Biden’s fans must be hiding.

I keep going back to trump’s assuring remark, “I’m your retribution.”

The threats and bullying pay off. There are not too many people from elected officials to financiers who want to tangle with trump. The world has seen how he can rally his zealots to do the unthinkable, so what else will they do?

The Donald has not been silent about what he will do should he get a second term of office. Retribution of his enemies will be swift and public. He plans to use the Justice Department and any other agency to target and quash his opponents. His henchman have plans to consolidate power quickly over every facet of the federal government.

Immigrants will be deported. Political dissidents and communists will be marked for disappearance. There will be no room for dissent or protest. These folks have not been hiding their plans to anoint trump as Dictator of the U.S. They will not be shy about bringing democracy to its knees.

We should be paying attention to both trump’s uncoded words and unscripted actions. Our organizing should be in high gear. He has told legions of faithful followers, “this is the final battle.” The words sound eerily close to those of most despicable tyrant of the twentieth century - Adolf Hitler.

BlackCommentator.com Editorial Board

member and Columnist, Jamala Rogers,

founder and Chair Emeritus of the

Organization for Black Struggle in St.

Louis. She is an organizer, trainer and

speaker. She is the author of The Best of

the Way I See It – A Chronicle of

Struggle. Other writings by Ms. Rogers

can be found on her blog

jamalarogers.com. Contact Ms. Rogers

and BC.

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