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The US recently pulled its staff out of Khartoum - almost exactly a year after it reopened its embassy in the Sudanese capital.

The White House dispatched ambassador John Godfrey to the country after a 25-year US absence from Sudan.

Washington had put the country on a blacklist and labelled it a state sponsor of terrorism for hosting Osama bin Laden - a man the US supported and funded in Afghanistan to fight the Russians, but that's another story!

US diplomatic staff and their families were hurriedly evacuated from Sudan after vicious fighting between the RSF militia and the Sudanese army put the country on the brink of all-out civil war.

Online speculation sees no coincidence in the fact that Sudan is in flames a year after the US’s return to the country - nor in the timing of its rapid departure.  It reminds some of an old joke:  why are there no coups in America?  Because there are no US embassies there!  People also point to Washington’s ire at plans to build a Russian naval base in Port Sudan and the warning given by US Ambassador John Godfrey against the move last September.

One thing is sure.  Khartoum never witnessed this level of violent escalation in its 25 years of being free of a US embassy.  Conclude from that what you will.

Carlos Latuff, a cartoonist, artist and activist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Latuff has spent the last 20 plus years crafting a style that can best be described as “populist cartooning.” He has touched on issues like The Black Lives movement, Apartheid in South Africa, the plight of Native Americans in the US and the oppression of Tibetans in China.

One of his most controversial series was “We are all Palestinians,” in which he compared the actions taken by the Israeli government towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip directly to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews. Contact Mr. Latuff and BC.

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