So DeSantis and Abbott fly 50 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s shocking. It’s outrageous. It’s misuse of public funds and it’s probably illegal in a bunch of ways. What does this have to do with sex and power?

Sex scandals and Republicans have a history. The recent report alleging that Matt Gaetz asked Trump for a pre-emptive pardon for anticipated sex trafficking charges highlights a recurring question that deserves some attention.

Why do Republicans seem to have so many sex scandals?

At least 18 (and possibly up to 26) women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment or assault.

At least nine midterm Republican candidates faced serious allegations of sexual misconduct or domestic abuse.

The question about sex scandals and Republicans seems like a pretty straightforward question but sex is never simple. Sex is one of those things you don’t talk about openly, especially in conservative or Christian circles. In the sex basket we find such obvious topics as homosexuality, gender identity, sexual intercourse, marriage, pedophilia, and sexual harassment. But easily falling into the basket are also things like dominance and submission, bondage and discipline – “kinky” stuff. And what about pornography? Child porn? What about crimes involving sex: rape, child and adult human trafficking for sex, slavery, snuff videos? And how about rape and murder – particularly in war zones?

It is not a new concept that sex and power are like bookends. So it is perhaps not so surprising to find sex scandals swirling around those who seek power.

This brings me to my point: every time a Republican cries out against Democrats (or the (“radical”) Left or Progressives), the purpose is to gain power. The issue never matters. Search warrants, Russian spies, immigrants, Hillary’s emails, Brandon’s laptop, classified documents, executive privilege. All that matters is who wins, who can get “one up” on the other. (Note the pun there: one up.)

Power is not just about holding office or swaying voters. It is about manhood and womanhood. It’s about sex. It’s about who holds the reins (and the reigns). It is about sexual prowess: who controls whom, who dominates, who subjugates others.

If you control the narrative, you’re in control. If you surprise others, you’re in control. If you shock or offend them – well, you get the idea.

Dominance has nothing to do with intellect. In fact, if an uneducated person can one-up an educated person, s/he has scored a huge victory for “we the people.” (Note too, that in that sentence, it should be “us, the people,” but who cares?)

But what this is REALLY all about is whether the boy is more of a man than his father and whether he can now have The Woman to himself. (While this is much more common among men, it can happen in women too in competition with the mother for the father’s love.)

So deceive a poor bunch of immigrants into getting on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard just to show up the “Liberals” and it’s all really about who can impregnate whom the fastest and easiest. Wow, did DeSantis and Abbott show us! They were so quick to the draw, it’s mind-boggling. They came and went so fast!With justified moral outrage, immigration attorneys providing counsel to the confused arrivals cite numerous legal violations. The sense of outrage, though, is not about that at all. It’s not about whether it’s illegal to lure and transport these unsuspecting people across state lines or to advise them to change their applications so that they will fall out of legal status. It’s not even about Liberals being dissed.

The outrage is about the fact that the Florida and Texas governors surprised us and thrust their ploy onto those who demurely played fair. It’s a kind of rape, a kind of sexual guerrilla warfare that the Republicans love – to get inside the Democrats’ game and undo it, like unbuttoning a bodice.

Let’s practice a new move. Let’s look at their chests and move our eyes down to their groins, back up to their chests and then – never bothering to find their gaze – simply look away. Yes, we saw what they did. They don’t get mom’s attention this way. Just let them know that they will get testicular cancer and will have to walk around without balls.

BC Guest Commentator G. Whisper Stone is an independent scholar, formerly known as Jennifer Van Bergen. She is the author of “Malice: Thomas Jefferson’s Conspiracy to Destroy Aaron Burr” (2019). Under her former name, she published (2001-2010) many ground-breaking investigative reports and legal commentary for such online sites as Findlaw, Raw Story, TruthOut, TomPaine.com, and Counterpunch. She was the first to write about the PATRIOT Act, indefinite detentions, and the Unitary Executive doctrine, among other notable topics.

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