I see people’s hearts and minds

Dash off to Ukraine

Pero todavía estoy aquí

I’m still here, wondering

Wondering when people

Of America, you know what I mean

The USA, this nation,

Will show compassion for Aztlan

I mean, this is all about

Occupation army, invasion

Forcible displacement, sovereignty

Self-determination for an oppressed nation

¿Que no? Pues, claro que sí

I’m still here, wondering

When people will show support

For the survivors of genocide

Or the survivors of slavery

Or the survivors of islands taken

I’m talking about the non-refugee

Immigrants whose lands were stolen

Whose bodies were stolen

Here, because they’ve always

Been here or were forced to be here

Aquí, en esta tierra

War, genocide, slavery, brutality

We feel terrible about them, over there

Because someone else invaded them

Those monsters, those foreigners

Those mean imperialists, invaders

Crimes against humanity! Over there

Oh…Russia, imperialist aggression

Against a sovereign nation

Cruel, unjust, criminal

We should feel indignant

We recognize oppression

Oh…Red Nations


Oh…Puerto Rico

Oh…African America


Oh…imperialists, over here

Oh…lies and people still waiting

For humanity and self-determination

For justice and sovereignty, over here

In this occupied land

Called United States of America

Where colonialist and imperialist aggression

And occupation

Have no name

Where drums, flutes, dances, dreams

Prayers and songs of freedom

Have been silenced

Yes, over here, aquí, still

BlackCommentator.com Guest Commentator Poet, Joe Navarro, is a Literary Vato Loco, creative writer, poet and teacher, who currently lives in Hayward, CA. His work is inspired by poets Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Lalo Delgado, Gloria Anzaldua and others. His poetry echoes experiences and sentiments of oppressed people who struggle for justice, equity, self-determination and humanistic self-definition. Contact Mr. Navarro and BC.

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