History,” affluent in beauty, prosperity, character, and perseverance. She carries the stories that were written long before her birth.  Stories of joy and sorrow that some thought would break her, yet she still stands. She has pushed boundaries and paved the way for future generations.

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Since the early 1980's, the work of Margaret Warfield has involved the creation of works on canvas and paper. Initially her work reflected images reminiscent of her childhood,i.e., landscapes of the hills of Tennessee. Her chosen medium, at that time, was oil paints and occasionally pastels. Over the years,however, she switched to acrylic paints, enjoying the ease of covering a surface quickly with vibrant opaque colors. In the early1990’s she began to paint scenes of African tribesmen and women. This was a result of many trips to book stores and libraries whereshe researched and studied facets of African culture. During this time she also re-discovered her love of cloth and her wish to createflowing fabrics, on the bodies of her images. Contact Ms. Warfield and BC.