In the 1861 Cornerstone Speech, the newly formed Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens described the new government’s ideology as “[Our new government’s] foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man. That slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.”

Do you dig that baby?

Let’s just start with this cocktail conversation tidbit of US history: the traitorous Confederacy was composed of 11 states, yet, still, there are Confederate monuments in 31 states. This hideous fact underscores the uncomfortable truth: there are Confederate sympathizers, millions of US citizens who empathize and support the base core ideals of White supremacy. These statues are there because groups of white Southerners wanted to have a certain view of history legitimized, institutionalized, and normalized.

The Confederacy isn’t merely a long-gone geographical area; it’s a deeply embedded, heartfelt, and enthusiastic racist mindset. Look no further than a U.S. school board in Shenandoah County, Virginia, which will vote on Thursday whether to restore previously removed Confederate names to two schools, potentially becoming the first community in the nation to reinstate such names.

Among the more than 60 U.S. schools formerly named after Confederate figures that have changed their name since 2020, none have reinstated the Confederate names, so far….

The motion would undo the school board’s decision in 2020 stripping a high school and elementary school of the names of three military leaders of the pro-slavery Southern states in the U.S. Civil War: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Turner Ashby.

A local conservative coalition asked the Shenandoah County school board in April to reinstate the names, insisting that doing so was “essential to honor our community’s heritage.”

The renegade Confederacy’s only President, Jefferson Davis, said: “African slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a moral, a social, and a political blessing.” That’s the heritage, my friend. It’s impossible to separate symbols of the Confederacy from the values of White supremacy.

In the early 1900s, states were enacting Jim Crow laws to disenfranchise black Americans. The vast majority of the memorials were erected not to honor fallen soldiers, but specifically to further ideals of white supremacy. In the middle of the century, the civil rights movement pushed back against Jim Crow segregation, and more appeared in response to the desegregation of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Supreme Court’s decision to integrate schools. These monuments were erected to usher in an era of White supremacist minority rule which we see today being resurrected by Donald Trump’s angry Make America White/Great Again cult.

Geez, that translates into there being Confederates in virtually every school, every hospital, police, and fire station. The bank, the grocery store, convenience store, McDonalds and Burger King.

Scary isn’t it?

And let’s be blunt, all Trump supporters aren’t Confederates, but all Confederates support Trump and all Confederates, by definition, are racist. 7th-grade level translation: millions and millions of Americans are Confederates, and thus White supremacists.

Perhaps the most chilling reality is that this 21st-century Confederacy lies roughly 15 minutes outside of America’s largest 50 cities. From coast to coast, from the snow-capped Rockies to the White Sands of Key Largo, you can find Confederates.

Anywhere White folks are exclusively clustered, it’s all a Trumpian Confederate stronghold. Above and below the infamous Mason/Dixon Line.

And you know I’m not lying.

To see more evidence of the Confederacy coming back to life, look no further than West Virginia where Derrick Evans, a former West Virginia state lawmaker who served prison time for his role in the riot said Friday that he hopes to return to the scene of his crime as an elected official. Evans live-streamed himself on Facebook cheering on what he described as a “revolution” at the Capitol.

Evans escalated the chaos by egging on the rioters around him. In a since-deleted cell phone video that was widely shared online, he narrated the riot for his 30,000 Facebook followers, cheered on the crowd, and fist-bumped rioters as he and the rest of the mob swarmed the Capitol.

I can’t even explain what is happening right now, how amazing this is to see in person. I am in awe. The revolution has started!”

The Republican Party is truthfully and honestly the United States Confederate Party, obviously dedicated to the “Lost Cause” and resurrecting a way of thinking, of living, a way of life wherein Black people answer to White folks on some twisted and preferred “Jim Crow” level.

Joe Biden said a few years ago, “They want to put you back in chains,” and sadly so many Black folks poo-pooed the comment, White liberals shook their heads, and Trumpian-minded Confederates, masquerading as Republicans, attacked him.

Perhaps Joe knows his culture, and his people far better than you do.

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