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Inside Crazy George’s head
Powell as war criminal: 1968, 2003
The Cave Man calleth
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Issue Number 30
February 20, 2003

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Other commentaries in this issue:

Why African Americans Should Oppose The War By Dr. Sonja Ebron

Moseley-Braun and the Game to Contain Sharpton

The Issues
Massive affirmative action endorsements... War to defend the almighty dollar... Who owns the streets?

Inside Crazy George’s head... Powell as war criminal: 1968, 2003... The Cave Man calleth

from the Marble Jungle
Testing Head Start to Death by Mark S. Johnson-Lewis

Commentaries in Issue 29 February 13, 2003:

Osama is Calling…

Toward a Black Democratic primary... More faith-based foolery... A benediction for

The Issues
Blacks favor peace, whites opt for war... Affirmative action's heavy-hitter allies... Shoving vouchers down DC's throat

Behind from the Start: Black kids begin school disadvantaged

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