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May 22, 2008 - Issue 278
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Cover Story: A Tale of Two Storms - Myanmar (Burma) and New Orleans - The African World
Political Cartoon: Malcolm X - "By Any Means Necessary"
God’s Judgment of White America (The Chickens Come Home to Roost Speech) By Malcolm X
Happy Birthday, Black Left! - Still Voting for Malcolm! - Represent Our Resistance
Malcolm X’s 83rd Birthday - Worrill's World
Quote to Ponder: "The press is so powerful..." - Malcolm X
To Remake Our World: Forging Black - Brown Unity in the Age of Immigrants
Cynthia McKinney: That Audacious Black Woman Standing with the People! - Keeping it Real
Political Cartoon: Global Economic Dispartity

A Fleeting Moment of Democracy for California’s Same-Sex Couples - Inclusion

A Book Review of Prison Profiteers - Color of Law
What Befalls a Man, Befalls Him by His Own Hand - Smoke and Mirrors
Invasion - Poetic Black Fusion - Spoken Word Poetry
Art: Blues Jam II - Documentary Photography
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Race - Between the Lines
Whose War? Is it Yours?
We Will Not Die! - Ushairi
Damage Control: In the Aftermath of Last Week’s Ruling on Gay Marriage - Unapologetically Young, Black and Female
The Tragic Legacy of the "Two Firsts": Hillary & Gender - Barack & Race
Political Cartoon: Speculators and the Food Crisis
We Fought Apartheid; We See No Reason to Celebrate It in Israel Now!
May 25: Celebration of An Aspiration
Idiot-in-Chief!! - King-of-Fools?
The Hillary Myth and the Good Reverend Wright?
A Dissent: No More "Race" Talk