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 Cover Story: Chavez does it again!

There are those who are committed to turning the clock backwards and they are not simply in operation at election time.

Political Cartoon - Private Party By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

In California: Still Another Plot Against Democracy

Three million members of labor unions would be unable to contribute to political campaigns while large corporate financiers would be exempted from any restrictions at all.

(R)evolution of Capitalism: No End to Terrorism!

In the U.S., citizens, no evil doers themselves, want to see a president “smoke ’em out and hunt them down.

 Terry Williams Case Highlights the Need for Death Penalty Moratorium

Official misconduct was the second most common factor associated with murder exonerations in America, occurring in 56 percent of cases.

Gay Boxer Knocks Out a Stereotype

Cruz is not only fierce in the ring but he is also fierce for having the courage to come out.

 Is The NAACP Now Just Another Republicrat Corporate Front?

It appears that appeasing the NAACP’s corporate sponsors takes precedence inside the NAACP over principles.

Animated Political Cartoon - Voting with Right-Wing Ralphie By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Assault on Workers Would Begin on Day One of a Romney Presidency

One wonders who it is they think would be left to vote for them if the people knew their opinion of them and their intentions for the working class and the middle class.

Sesame Skreets: Only Conservatives Dare to Make Children’s Show Icons into Political Prisoners

Far be it from me to question the conservative deep thinkers.

Chavez Supports Obama... The KKK Endorsed Ronald Reagan

If you go the KKK official Confederate-flag-waving site... you’ll not surprisingly find they’ve endorsed the Republican Party.

Obama’s Rope-a-Dope

It was a political/societal/cultural, conversational form using a jump-back to rebound with greater force in the continuing campaign battle.

Post-Debate Analysis: Trying to Make Sense Out of Nonsense

It was a “low-information” debate made to appeal to low information voters in the swing states.

 The Maroon Within Us

Far too many African people in America are getting away from the essence of family life.

Political Cartoon - Muppet Mitt By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

Art: Voting Rights History - Two Centuries of Struggle, Courtesy of Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website

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