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 Cover Story: Romney & His Homies - All-Out for Capital

The stock market is up and the people Romney was addressing are lining their pockets quite well.

Political Cartoon - Mitt's Blind Trust By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

Holding Rogue Prosecutors Accountable: It’s past time to prosecute their crimes

The jubilance of exoneration generally blurs the criminality of the system even when it’s the exposure of its failures that sometimes lead to exonerations.

21st Century Black America: MisEducated and Sleeping?

Critical thinking, common sense, and intellectual honesty have been replaced by absurd rationalizations and a pathetic mockery of our common sense.

 Native American Voters Exploited by Brown and Warren

The campaign has successfully latched on to Warren’s claim of Native American roots as a rallying tool to deflect attention away from pressing issues facing Massachusetts residents, but also to attack, in a more insidious way, the hotly contested issue of affirmative action.

Political Cartoon - Foreign Policy By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 The Poor and Low-Wage Workers May Pay More Taxes Than Romney

The rich are going to be swimming in the same pool as the rest of the country if the whole thing collapses.

 The Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line and 2013 Mayor’s Race: The Black Community Will Decide the Next Mayor and Won’t Be Played Again

They will separate themselves based on what they can really do and what they’re prepared to commit to do.

 No Badge of Honor

We need to see that these people are human - and act less than such on too many occasions.

 Redistribution of Wealth

It really does not take a nuclear physicist to determine who’ll succeed and who’ll struggle to merely survive.

Political Cartoon - Arab Spring 2012 By Zapiro, South Africa

 Open Letter to the Anti-War Movement By Raha: Iranian Feminist Collective and Havaar With an Introduction by Bill Fletcher, Jr., BC Editorial Board

A regime that frequently uses anti-imperialist rhetoric also crushes internal opponents, be they ethnic minorities or political dissidents. The Iranian regime will preach against the threats to Iran’s sovereignty, but undermines the right of workers to form and join labor unions.

 Mind Damage and Dr. Bobby Wright

The decimation and destruction of African lands, bodies, minds, and spirits over these 2,000 years is the basis for our on-going struggle for African Liberation worldwide.

Animated Political Cartoon - The House Science & Ladyparts Committee By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Quote to Ponder:  "We have been basically persuaded that we should not talk about racism." - Angela Davis

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