Issue Number 53
August 28, 2003

Other commentaries in this issue:

Cover Story: Predators in the Neighborhood - Brand name lenders join the bottom feeders

Racist "Transformation" Strategies: The Pirates have already lost in Iraq

Beware the Trojan Horse - A speech by Cynthia McKinney

e-MailBox: Condoleezza’s blasphemous mouth... Ward Connerly’s wimpish ways... Trifling Black city leaders... Zimbabwe debate

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Contents of Issue 52 - August 14, 2003:

Cover Story: Wanted: A Plan for the Cities to Save Themselves - Black labor's role in transforming the urban landscape

Ward Connerly’s Crusade to Erase Black People: The Racial Privacy Act - Pure Racist American Illogic

Cartoon: Ward Connerly

Imperial Racist Fantasies and The Digitalization of Colonialism by Kweli Nzito, Ph.D.

e-MailBox: The IRS sweats the poor... Rich, secessionist white men... AIPAC’s long political hit list... African Americans and Zimbabwe

Condoleezza Rice and the Birmingham Bombing Victims by Margaret Kimberley, Guest Commentator

RE-PRINT: Racism and the heartland reparations drive by Derrick Z. Jackson

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