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Est. April 5, 2002

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 Cover Story: “Fiscal Cliff’ Bridged but Threat to Working People’s Welfare Still on Track

The wealthy are joining hands without regard to political affiliation to cut benefits that enjoy broad bipartisan support among everyone who is not rich.

Political Cartoon - Where You Going Joe By Mr. Fish, Philadelphia PA

The Power and Convenience of the eBook By Peter Gamble, BC Publisher and Chief Technical Officer

In our next issue we are going to take what we feel is a significant step forward.  Issue 500 of BlackCommentator will be offered as an eBook.

Now is the Time for Maryland to Kill its Death Machine

Four states - Texas, Arizona, Mississippi and Oklahoma - accounted for three-quarters of the 43 executions in the U.S. in 2012

 Anti-Union Sen. Tim Scott Has Drunk Deeply of GOP Kool-aid

“Right to work” laws are part of the continuing effort to neutralize organized labor and to quash any hope of workers to gain their just rights

 Collective Anti-Capitalism: Learning from Anti-Racism Struggles

Racism and capitalism produce many of the same tragic individual and community wounds

Political Cartoon - Collateral Damage By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 Django Unchained: A Look At Yesteryear To Better Understand Today?

If you’re intellectually curious about this horrific era in US history, you’ll have to read a few books

 Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

My ancestors named the day of Lincoln’s signing of this historic document Jubilee Day. Many African Americans continue to celebrate Jubilee Day with a New Year's Eve church service called “Watch Night Service.”

 Innocent Until They Imitate

The American enterprise saw to it that shipments of weapons and drugs flowed into the Black communities in the 1970s to further neutralize resistance and dissent while paving the way for the prosperity of prison building in the 1980s and gentrification in the 1990s.

The Emperor's Gifts - Guantanamo, Drone Missiles, Afghanistan and the NDAA

What this government does to people in other lands – it will not hesitate to practice against its own citizens and other residents within the borders of this nation.

 Why They Owe Us!

We have a historic responsibility to demand reparations from those forces of white supremacy that continue to benefit from what they did to us

Political Cartoon - Bad Ol' Boys By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

Art: Smile By Ray Ferrer - Urban Wall Art & Murals, New York NY

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