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The Power and Convenience of the eBook
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By Peter Gamble
BC Publisher and Chief Technical Officer


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The next issue of BC will be issue number five hundred. Over more than ten years of Internet publishing we have strived to keep up with the technical changes and demands of the World Wide Web.

In our next issue we are going to take what we feel is a significant step forward. Issue 500 of BlackCommentator will be offered as an eBook.

If you already have an eBook device or use an eReader, you know what a convenience eBooks are. All BC eBooks will be offered in both iMobiPocket and ePub file formats, which means you will be able to read BC on any device - the .mobi file for Kindle devices or any device running a Kindle reader and the .ePub file for everything else.

In the last year, more eBooks were sold than hardback books and paperback books, combined. Additionally, a publication in eBook format can be read on any device. People are reading eBooks on tablets, smartphones, PCs, MACs and in the FireFox browser.

We have reached the point in our technology where we are using many different “devices,” rather than computers and so we hope that you will enjoy reading on whatever device or devices you use in your daily life.

We hope you will enjoy BC in eBook form.

To help you get ready, here are some links for you to use if you have not yet made the transition to an eReader of some kind. We have evaluated many readers and recommend these three:

  1. Amazon sells many different flavors of the Kindle. An excellent way to see what a Kindle is like without buying the device is to download a Kindle reader.

Click here to download a free Kindle reader. There's one for any device or computer.

  1. The FireFox browser handles ePub eBook files the best and provides a free add-on that will open any eBook on the WWW and then allow you to download the book to your computer.

Click here to get the free FireFox browser for either a Windows system or a MAC.

  1. An all purpose eReader that can read both .mobi and .ePub files is the FBReader.

Click here to download the free FBReader. There's one for any device or computer.

There are many other eReaders and systems for managing your eBooks. If you are an eBook newbie you will enjoy how easy it is to experience the convenience and flexibility of eReaders and eBooks.

We hope you will enjoy reading issue 500 of BC next week!

Please contact me directly with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

In solidarity and peace,

Peter Gamble, Publisher & Chief Technical Officer

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Jan 10, 2013 - Issue 499
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