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Cover Story: The Worst Didn’t Happen; Now another Danger Lurks

The reactionary rightwing suffered a clear setback and for that the nation and the world can be thankful

Political Cartoon - Barack and Michelle By Zapiro, South Africa

Reflections on the 2012 Elections

There was something akin to a popular revolt by the African American and Latino electorate

Another Election Sham in Police-State ‘America’

Billions of dollars were spent by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in this ‘election’ sham even as joblessness, home foreclosures, economic austerity, corporate hegemony, and perpetual U.S. wars continue - unabated

 Obama Wins; The Sky Done Fell

Trump’s advocating armed revolt, the Party of Angry White folks rising up against...everybody else

Political Cartoon - Shades of Al Capp By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

The President’s Re-election Reality: He’s Got 99 Problems And Mitt Ain’t One

The President punched through that paper tiger with a base that was larger than 2008

 Big Wins on Marriage Equality for LGBTQ

The right choice and the moral high ground on an issue derive from struggling groups trying both to be seen and heard among the cacophony of dissenting voices and opposing votes

Political Cartoon - Empowered Voters By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 The Nonexistent, Toothless Middle

He is not listening to the depth of existential fear contained in their blind hatred of him

 Satan and the Election - By Larry Matthews

Democrats must give up their tendency to sit around arguing, fearful of the consequences of acting boldly

 New Chance to Change

Our periphery is rife with congressional and local races that are equally as important

Political Cartoon - Obama Wins and Netanyahu Waits By Carlos Latuff, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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