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Cover Story: Who Do You Want Picking The Next Supreme Court Justices?

Presidents appoint Supreme Court justices based on various factors, not the least being pressure from within THEIR own constituencies.

Political Cartoon - Rest in Peace Candidate  By Mr. Fish, Philadelphia PA

Vote Smart and then Prepare for the Next Stage

I like going to the polls and seeing my neighbors there and having them see me and wearing the little badge reading “I voted” on my lapel as I shop or enter the neighborhood bar.

Who Do You Believe? The Growing Acceptance of Deception and Deceit in Our Society

Our movement must raise the bar and set the standard by valuing truth in our own politics and conduct.

 California’s Prop. 34 Will Stop the Execution of the Innocent

Given the threat of executing the innocent, California would be well served to put its death penalty system to death.

 Political Cartoon - Tea Party Reflection By Mark Hurwitt, Brooklyn NY

Privatization: War on Democracy

Prepping for their delivery to the “host,” they have been vetted and groomed for the corporation that will have them!

 GLAD’s Diversity Work

In 2005, the GLAD Board asked the executive director to develop a diversity plan.

Political Cartoon - Trick or Treat By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 In Tribute To Russell Means - Whose Spirit Shall Never Die!

He tirelessly sought to raise the consciousness of the people.

 In Newspaper Contract Talks, Persistence Pays Off

They took care of each other and continued to build the union and, through that, they learned well what it means to be united and a unified force in the workplace.

 Political Cartoon - Women’s Vote By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

 The United States of Disappointment - A Voters’ Guide By Larry Matthews

They are levitating in a space created by focus groups and professional campaigners.

 The Adult in the Room

Our deliberative intelligence can be integrated with our soaring emotions.

 Animated Political Cartoon - Undecided Flakes By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

 Republicans Mantra-When They Win-They Win, When They Lose-They Win: Now That We Know What We’re Up Against - GET OUT THE VOTE

Suddenly he’s “angry” or “condescending,” code words for “uppity”.

 Never Saw It Coming

These men have been in solitary confinement since April 17, 1972.

Political Cartoon - Hope Less By Zapiro, South Africa

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