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Republicans Mantra-
When They Win-They Win,
When They Lose-They Win:
Now That We Know What We’re Up Against –


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The debates are now over and I called the rounds this way: Debate 1 - Even, Debate 2 –Obama 10-8, Debate 3 - Obama Technical Knockout. Funny thing about debates though. Like boxing matches, when the fix is in, it really doesn’t matter what you think you saw. If you listen to Republicans, they’ll tell you they won all three debates. Even if you give Romney the first debate (because of Obama’s passivity), he got creamed in the next too. That’s close enough for them though. They’ve been waiting four years and two elections for Obama to falter.

We can’t continue to fall for relative truths.

Romney never really hurt Obama in any of the three debates. In the first debate, Obama laid back and let Romney paw at him, and that made Romney look “assertive” and “authoritative,” code words for “Presidential.” When Romney got his hat handed to him in debates two and three, as the President got “assertive” and “authoritative,” suddenly he’s “angry” or “condescending,” code words for “uppity.” Obama always has to be anything but the statesman that he is. They treat him the same as any other “brotha’” on the street. They can be assertive, while we can only be “aggressive.” They can be authoritative without being angry. We always have to be angry or hostile when we assert authority. Don’t you get tired of these social construction games?

Well, we’re the latest game…nearly forty percent of the folk that watched the last debate thought Romney won, because he laid back and “looked” Presidential, while trying to demonstrate that he could be a competent Commander In Chief. Oh, give me a f#@%n break. He laid back because he was out of his area of expertise. All he said was, “me too,” the debate equivalent of clinching. He had to hang on so the President wouldn’t knock him out. And since Obama didn’t knock him out, some people still wanna’ say Romney. What’s that old saying, you can’t beat some people on points…you gotta’ knock out - and leave no doubt. Well, it’s time to knock Romney “da f@#%” out. Election Day is less than two weeks away and the ring will be the ballot box. Time to get this nonsense over with. For as long as the campaign goes on, the public will never get the truth about the issues, the rich will never concede to paying taxes, Romney will never release his tax returns, the Republicans will continue to lie about Medicare (and other things they will cut), and they will claim they are winning the election. Relative truth has captured the nation.

Suddenly he’s “angry” or “condescending,” code words for “uppity”.

What is relative truth? Relativity is when one sees their own view as relative (valid) as anyone else’s; whether it is, indeed, valid or not doesn’t matter. If it’s true to them…it’s true, and just as true as real truth, if the public doesn’t know better. Well, in an anti-intellectual environment, the public doesn’t know what to believe. Simply put, the public doesn’t know better. In not knowing what to believe, one person’s truth may sound as reasonable as another’s. That’s where we are now, as a society. Campaigns are geared to the lowest common denominator, ideology, and if you support an ideology - than you’re very inclined to support its version of the truth. So, when the Republicans say Romney won the debate, it’s not because he actually did - but because they say he did. Their outcome was fixed on a false truth they have to support. When the Republicans win, they say they won and when they lose, they say they won. Same as fighters who get wiped around the ring.

The Republicans govern they same way. When they win, they expect the Democrats to cooperate and do the people’s business. When they lose, they don’t cooperate and blame the Democrats for not doing they people’s business. It’s insane. Yet, the truth is front of us. We just can’t confuse which truth is real, and end up picking the wrong version of what they feed us as truth. You will know the truth when you see it. In case you don’t know, here’s the test. Truth will always be just. What is just is always true. What some say is true isn’t always just. If it’s not just, then it’s not true. We can’t continue to fall for relative truths.

This election means too much. We have to get out and vote. Don’t let anyone TAKE your vote, and don’t concede your vote to anyone. Just GET OUT AND VOTE. It’s the only way we put this figment of the Republicans’ imagination behind us. Nothing about Mitt Romney is true (except he is rich). But his positions are not just and will not serve the true realities of all. That’s why we know its not true. We can’t let him win on points. Time for an election KNOCKOUT. 

Vote November 6th. Or before. Columnist, Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad, is a national columnist, managing director of the Urban Issues Forum and author of Saving The Race: Empowerment Through Wisdom. His Website is Twitter @dranthonysamad. Click here to contact Dr. Samad.

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