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The weekly Internet publication enters its second year providing commentary, analysis and investigations on issues affecting African Americans with the publication of issue number 37 on April 10, 2003. published its first issue on April 5, 2002. BC started as a monthly and quickly moved to every other week. Beginning with Issue number 17 on November 21, 2002, began publishing on the Thursday of each week.

"We're very proud of our growth and impact since the inaugural issue," said BC Co-Publisher Glen Ford. "The level of readership of BC is extraordinary. We are averaging no less than 25-thousand page views per issue and over 100-thousand impressions each month."

"BC penetrates the leadership ranks of every organized sector of Black America: grassroots and electoral politics, labor, business, media, professional bodies, fraternities and sororities, and faith-based progressive activism," said BC Co-Publisher, Peter Gamble.

"Our impressions are remarkably intensive. Audience loyalty to and identification with BC is phenomenal," said Ford. "The most compelling aspect of our data is the length of time our visitors spend reading The Black Commentator. The average visit length is over 20 minutes and the median visit length exceeds seven minutes."

"We are deeply rooted in the nation's HBCUs and among Black and Africa-oriented academia formations. Our click through data confirms no less than 30% of readers hold advanced degrees," said Gamble.

" is widely quoted in the general media and ranks among the handful of 'most-posted' Black sites," said Ford. "In November of 2002 we went weekly - the numbers have surpassed all expectations. BC has multiplied its audience while maintaining and deepening its 'influencer' profile."

"As we move into our second year we will continue to use this marvelous tool called the Internet for social change," said Ford . "We will also continue to act as social demographers using the Internet as a kind of map," adds Gamble, "gathering together groups and individuals who share a common interest and communicate with them, directly and instantaneously, about the struggle for social and economic justice."

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Issue Number 37
April 10, 2003

Other commentaries in this issue:

Cover Story
From Soul Power '68 to Pirate Power '03

The Issues
The 2 million-person Gulag... Racists flood northern Utah... Black opinion dissected... Tulia’s long ordeal

Will Colin Powell eat his own words?... An International Edition of BC?... Too much talk about "racism"?... How many reasons for skeezin’?

I've Been to the Mountaintop
April 3, 1968 speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Commentaries in Issue 36 April 3, 2003:

Cover Story
Racist War and Pirate Plunder

The Issues
Harlem to Rally for Peace... Lieberman’s Black booster... Rep. Jackson rocks the gunboat... Affirmative action is payback

"Skeeza" is as "Skeeza" does... Countdown to impeachment... U.S. journalism’s corporate death

Guest Commentator
Is the US Funding Haitian "Contras"? By Kevin Pina, Port au Prince, Haiti

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