December 17, 2009 - Issue 355
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Cover Story: New York’s Juvenile Prisons Are A Crime - Color of Law By David A. Love, JD
Cartoon: Obama Gets Peace Prize By Zapiro
Chasing the O’s - The US War Strategy in Iran and Afghanistan By Jamala Rogers
2010: The Year of the Serf Rebellion - The Premise for a Call to Action - Leftward Ho! By Peter Gamble
Speech to United Nations on Palestinian Rights - African World By Bill Fletcher, Jr
America!—Apologize to Rev. Jeremiah Wright! - Represent Our Resistance By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD
Obama’s Nobel Speech Comes Up Short - Left Margin By Carl Bloice
The Right’s Bogus War on Christmas - Inclusion By The Reverend Irene Monroe
Obama’s Afghan Military Escalation Reinforces Terrorism—Not the Opposite - Keeping It Real By Larry Pinkney
Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech - African American Leadership By Dr. Ron Walters, PhD
Cartoon: Obama's Afghanistan Troop Buildup By Carlos Latuff
Why ACORN Won - Justice Watch By Bill Quigley
Pervasive Corruption: A Distraction Or A Fundamental Flaw? - Solidarity America By John Funiciello
Sandtraps - The Fifth Column By Jonathan David Farley, DPhil
Tiger Woods and the Branding of Public Discourse - Politics and the Subversive Imagination By Dr. Henry A. Giroux, PhD
Kwanzaa: Get Ready for Kwanzaa, 2009 - Worrill’s World - By Dr. Conrad Worrill, PhD
Cartoon: Climate Summit By Zapiro
How Long Casteism? By Garda Ghista
Quote to Ponder: "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior..." - Bob Marley, War
Art: Swept Away By Margaret Warfield