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August 28, 2008 - Issue 288
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BC Extra: Waiting for the Bus in New Orleans - Justice Watch
Riveted: The Barack Obama Acceptance Speech - Special Edition - August 30, 2008
Cover Story: BC Premiers Opinion Survey and Blog - Read All About It and Participate
The First Opinion Survey - Obama's Stumbling Blocks and Keys to Victory
Premier: BlackCommentator Readers' Corner Blog - Comment or see what others are saying
A Candidate for Change, but not a Candidate of a Social Movement - The African World
Political Cartoon: Baracky Mountain High
A Book Review of Solidarity Divided - Color of Law
Will "Feminists for Obama" help us? - Inclusion
Black Moses Then and Black Self-Hate Now! - Represent Our Resistance
Moving Further Backwards in the Name of Progress & Change - Keeping it Real
Political Cartoon: The Dubya and Dick Labor Day
Cynthia McKinney, Presidential Candidate - Remarks - DNC Stop the War Protest

Katrina Pain Index: New Orleans Three Years Later - Justice Watch

Quote to Ponder: "As a strategy of colonization, encouraging enslaved blacks..." - bell hooks
Immigration Inspires Hope, Fear and Debate Among Convention Democrats
The Oakland Community School, Oakland, CA - In Struggle Spotlight
Political Cartoon: Iraq Exit Plan
"So to bind each son..."? Recalling the Talented Tenth & Re-thinking ‘Brokedown’ Black Gender and Sex Politics
Look How Long - Poetic Black Fusion
The Week We’ve All Been Waiting For: When Hillary Becomes a Full "Team Player" - Between the Lines
The Right to Bear Safety - By The Reverend D. D. Prather
Art: A Time to Remember By Margaret Warfield