April 10, 2008 - Issue 272
Cover Story: African American Peacemakers and the Struggle Against Racism, Inequality and War
Political Cartoon: Halliburton Tax Check
After 30 Years, the MOVE 9 Must be Paroled - Color of Law
Cornel West Calls Obama Out for Dissing King Tribute - Inclusion
The Judas Factor: Barack Obama and a Movement Betrayed - Keeping It Real
An Open Letter to the Major League Baseball Players’ Association on Curt Flood - The African World
Art: Satchel Paige
Rogue Ideology: They Love You If You’re Dead! - Represent Our Resistance
Business as Usual - Smoke and Mirrors
The King Assassination: Forty Years Later...- Between the Lines

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama: Use Your Leadership Now to End the War in Iraq!

Political Cartoon: Petraeus Iraq Report
Reflections on King, Candidates and Movements
Hip Hop Framed - Poetic Black Fusion
There Is Little Charity In Wealthy Charitable Hospitals - National Affairs
Crisis of the Negro Intellectual Revisited - Worrill’s Worldl
Hillary is a Sorcerer, an Out-Sourcerer
Response to Pat Buchanan’s Rant
Energy Days at the University of Texas
Political Cartoon: Let My Pistols Go