The Mother Of All War Shows





When it comes, the U.S. assault on Iraq will explode as global spectacle, an awesome pyrotechnic display of rolling thunder and lightening death intended to shock and cow the entire planet. The effect, the planners fervently believe, will be comparable to that which occurred when cannon clashed with spears and arrows on the ever-expanding frontiers of European empire: incomprehensible devastation, soul-consuming terror, complete political disintegration, followed by abject submission. In the grand imperial scenario, the satraps and sultans of the Earth, heads bowed at angles of unmistakable subservience, will gather up their robes and beseech the Americans for life on any terms.

Iraq's oil is important, but not the real prize of war. If a sustained flow of Iraqi oil were so vital to the U.S. and global economy, the production infrastructure would not be put at such risk of immediate immolation. Iraq's oil facilities can burn as easily as did Kuwait's, in the last days of the previous Gulf War. Capitalism went on to boom and bubble in the Nineties.

Dick Cheney's Halliburton corporation and the rest of the pirate pack are ready and eager to do a multi-billion dollar, postwar makeover of Iraq's oil facilities, at U.S. taxpayer expense. Invoices will be submitted to American Occupation authorities - part of the "cost" of war that the White House refuses to "speculate" about.

Oil is overrated as the root cause of the impending conflagration. Saddam Hussein has always been eager to pump much more of it, at no higher price than the next guy, while the U.S. has strangled Iraqi production by every means at its disposal for over a decade.

The prize is nothing less than world domination: all the riches above and below the earth and seas.

The real show is in the show, itself. The people who created George Bush's ridiculous War Face are not just playing crazy to gain transient advantage over Frenchmen and Russians. They are Hell-bent on proving to the natives (all of us) that they are capable of unimaginable destruction. We must see it to believe it - which is why this war is all but inevitable. In the aftermath of horror, the world will become malleable, ready for reshaping in the not-yet-defined New Order.

That's the plan. The pirates are confident they can improvise the post war details at their leisure, later. What we are witnessing is essentially the buildup to a global consciousness-searing U.S. military demonstration - the Mother of All War Shows. If we search for the military or economic objectives of the conflict on anything so crude as a map, we have missed the point.

An epochal announcement

The Bush men intend to show the world what Armageddon looks like. The time is nearly at hand, the clocks synchronized to the movements of armies and fantastic machines that hold even their masters in thrall. For the moment, Bush directs the world's attention to Colin Powell's February 5 appearance at the United Nations, in New York, where the game of diplomacy will lurch toward its foreordained end.

Then the event will occur, signaling the end of the Old Order. The world will pause in "Shock and Awe."

The War Party telegraphed its plans on January 24 - a practice they indulge in to further the momentum of war and thus prevent the timid from attempting last minute reversals in course. The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald offered this concise account:

The US intends to shatter Iraq "physically, emotionally and psychologically" by raining down on its people as many as 800 cruise missiles in two days.

The Pentagon battle plan aims not only to crush Iraqi troops, but also wipe out power and water supplies in the capital, Baghdad.

It is based on a strategy known as "Shock and Awe", conceived at the National Defense University in Washington, in which between 300 and 400 cruise missiles would fall on Iraq each day for two consecutive days. It would be more than twice the number of missiles launched during the entire 40 days of the 1991 Gulf War.

"There will not be a safe place in Baghdad," a Pentagon official told America's CBS News after a briefing on the plan. "The sheer size of this has never been seen before, never been contemplated before."

According to the architect of "Shock and Awe", military strategist Harlan Ullman, the plan would rely on an extensive array of precision-guided weapons.

"We want them to quit, not to fight," Ullman said, "so that you have this simultaneous effect - rather like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima - not taking days or weeks but minutes."

A senior Bush official confirmed that Shock and Awe "is the concept on which the war plan is based," according to CBS News.

Like Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Vice President Cheney and the entire pirate crew, strategist Harlan Ullman is in the business of war. He and his colleagues at The Defense Group Inc. have a contract to create the conditions for a New World Order that no nation or combination of nations can resist. Through its The Rapid Dominance Study Group, the company has constructed an order of battle that closely resembles the current U.S. forces surrounding Iraq, but is actually designed for Permanent War:

The Rapid Dominance Study Group has outlined a first cut Rapid Dominance force for fighting and winning a major regional conflict. That force design consists of roughly 250,000 personnel and would be employed in five waves. These waves can be brought to bear at any point in the peace, crisis and conflict continuum. The first wave of a Rapid Dominance capability could strike anywhere on the globe, within 30 to 40 minutes of being ordered, regardless of whether U.S. forces were already deployed in the crisis region. The subsequent waves would continue to deploy power relentlessly on the adversary to affect his will and perception through imposing a regime of "shock and awe." The final wave could include deploying a heavy corps or expeditionary force for physical occupation of territory.

Ullman's strategy - now the Pentagon's blueprint - is available to every English reader in his book "Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance". The whole volume is posted on the site of the Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) of the U.S. Department of Defense. (Note: We are listing several links because in researching this document we discovered for some unexplained reason the Website appears unstable and the Table of Contents page is not always available. If the Table of Contents link does not work, try the Forward or the Prologue.)

CBS anchor Dan Rather tagged his "Shock and Awe" story: "We assure you this report contains no information that the Defense Department thinks could help the Iraqi military."

That's the whole point. The War Party wants the world to know that there is no escape from the raging superpower. Very soon, the U.S. military will stage a show more shocking and awful than can be imagined, for the benefit of a global audience. As Ullman envisions, it will be "rather like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima." The intent is to break the will of the species. Iraq is merely a convenient stage, Saddam Hussein an extremely unfortunate prop.

A kind of rapture

The Bush cabal devoutly believe they are at a Hiroshima-like juncture in history - that they have at their disposal the means to start the world over in an apocalyptic spasm of swift and terrifying violence. The War Party believes itself to be embarked on an epochal, world-altering mission, and they are determined that this moment not be squandered. In the interval, Colin Powell can give his speech. When the set is ready, George Bush will flip the switch and the sky will flash and glow over Iraq, a warning to the world.

The Bush men believe humanity will first recoil, then cower - that the world has no choice but to surrender in "Shock and Awe." The opposite is true. By initiating Permanent War, Bush presents the world - including, ultimately, the American people - with no choice but to turn on their tormentor, and remove him and his pirate class.

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Issue Number 27
January 30, 2003

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