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Feb 21, 2013 - Issue 505

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In This Issue

Black Future Month
By Larry Matthews

We gather for lectures about black history and assure ourselves that we have made great progress from the Jim Crow days of black/white fountains and segregated busses. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quote to Ponder

The State of My Union
Animated Political Cartoon
By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Selling the Iraq War
War Criminals are Still Running Loose

Black folks knew Bush and his cronies were up to no good from the git-go. Eventually the rest of the country caught up to us as the lies started to unravel.

Bump Up the Minimum Wage
A Moderate but Meaningful Step to Tackle Inequality

The minimum wage could be increased 70 percent to $12.30/hour, with no adverse effects.

How Radical Are You?

Mentally healthy animals do NOT attempt to kill members of their species even for the purpose of the exploitation of territory.

The Usurpers of the Nation
Have a Champion: the GOP

f the 1968 minimum wage of $1.60 an hour had kept up with the cost of living, the growth of the economy, with the rise of personal incomes, and with the overall increase in the productivity of the nation, today it would be $21.16 per hour.

Calling Out the Misleaders of the Phony
'Progressives' and the Fake U.S. 'Left'

A significant portion of the so-called 'alternative' media also played an insidious role in bringing the U.S. Constitution-destroying, drone missile loving, war mongering, Barack Obama to political power in this nation.

Arizona Chain Saw Massacre
Political Cartoon
By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Just Ask That Elephant with Lipstick a Few Questions

That speaks to the Great White Hope syndrome and the shoving of pretenders upon the people.

Black Non-Violence
Only Spoiled White Americans,
Most Notably Police

Several more black LA-area law enforcement officers have stepped forward to acknowledge that they know completely well what Dorner went through.

Damage To the African Mind and Dr. Bobby Wright

Our biggest challenge as a people is that of Getting Our Minds Straight and Stopping Mentacide.

Political Cartoon
By Mr. Fish, Philadelphia PA

Sedation Pill
By Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles CA

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