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Est. April 5, 2002

Feb 7, 2013 - Issue 503
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In This Issue

Cover Story
Who Didn’t Have Sex with Neanderthals?

Black people have cobbled together a defensive subculture out of the English language and elements of a Western culture that is structured to deny the equal humanity of non-Western, nonwhite peoples.

Rosa Parks Stamp
By Thomas Blackshear II

The Gun Debate:
Remembering Cookie Thornton

Legislation rarely deals with changing the hearts and minds of a nation. Legislation cannot deal with anger, despair or alientation that drives people to pick up a gun, a knife or anything else they can get their hands on when they feel threatened or disrespected.

A Bit of Optimism in the Alps,
A Lot of Pain in the Everyday World

There has been an increase in unemployment planet-wide of 28 million since the onset of the current economic crisis five years ago.

The Choice:
David Fagen,
The Philippine-US war,
& Black Internationalism

The Philippine revolutionaries had accepted the US forces as genuine allies and were, therefore, completely unprepared for the treachery that ensued.

Food Sovereignty or Industrial Agriculture?


Everyone should be learning about land grabbing on all of the continents, but especially Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Storming the Bastille Takes Many Forms

Mental consciousness coupled with sustained struggle are essential in bringing about real change and real progress.

MLK Today
Political Cartoon
By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Haiti’s LGBTQ Accepting Vodou Societies

Many LGBTQ Haitians are left puzzled by what it means that homosexuality is legal in their country.

Mission Implausible:
If Blacks Stop Selling Drugs,
Wealthy Whites Would Declare Civil War

The trick to figuring out the huge success of these gangs is learning what law enforcement is getting out of the supplies.

Dreams of A Reason to Commit Treason

Guns are the single greatest weapon ever invented to empower a coward.

Brief Reflections on the Debate Surrounding
Publication of “Malcolm X, a Life of Reinvention”
by Manning Marable
By Jack Smith

Dr Marable leveraged the considerable resources of well-endowed private universities such as Stanford University and Columbia University to enable scholarly access to the works of Dr King and Malcolm X.

The Permanent Campaign
Animated Political Cartoon
By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Zoulou - Mardi Gras
Political Cartoon
By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

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