Feb 7, 2013 - Issue 503

Mission Implausible:
If Blacks Stop Selling Drugs,
Wealthy Whites Would Declare Civil War

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When you hear talk of “gun control” and laws being created around the country in response to recent random shootings by angry or crazed whites, don’t for one second think law enforcement is going to adopt measures to racially profile white males. White police officers, male and female have no desire to arrest white men with guns even while caught in the act of shooting at others, much less profile them. People don’t like confronting like-minded people anymore than you would like arresting your cousin. Blacks in general have yet to understand the lengths whites will go through to not arrest another white. I may not like it, but I respect it. There is only one way for blacks to fight this and win. 

My challenge to young gang-members and drug-dealers is to just flat-out quit the criminal activity. No more selling, no more shooting. No more violence And especially, no more killing. Do this no matter what the costs to you, death, scorn, imprisonment, civil war. Do it out of a sense of rebellion.

Get out at all costs. Yes, I said civil war. The main reason the counterintelligence program (Cointelpro) manipulated and pushed “gangster rap” was to distract black youth through the encouragement of vile and violent behavior that would make them reject black unity and knowledge of themselves, their true history and especially their potential.

I figure, while God is busy making sure the Baltimore Ravens go to the Superbowl (at least according to Ray Lewis), it’s totally left up to blacks to change their condition in this hostile and violent world. Currently the net US street earnings from illegal drug sales is $188 billion a year. It’s well-known by now that Mexico has become the big pipeline into America for illegal narcotics, replacing Bolivia, and Colombia. In fact all South American drugs go through Mexico. Most of these drugs are targeted to black and Hispanic single-mothers’ boys for distribution. Most of these boys operate within street gangs who easily recruited them due to their lack of traditional family structure.

A graphic from the National Post outlines the routes of four known major cartels and one unknown, all from Mexico. My city of Buffalo for instance, is listed as the major seller for the Gulf Cartel based out of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, right across the border from Brownsville, TX. The CDG - as the Gulf Cartel is also known - is one of the oldest cartels in Mexico, existing since the time of prohibition when they smuggled alcohol into the US.

Of course, New York City, as well as most major cities bordering the east and west coast, have been hit by the CDG, Federation, Juarez, Tiujuana, Los Zetas, and Sinaloa Cartels, bringing in cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. The trick to figuring out the huge success of these gangs is not learning how vigorously law enforcement is fighting them, but what law enforcement is getting out of the supplies. Blacks lose all the way around in this game; Bolivians, Peruvians, Colombians and Mexicans only grow, process and export the coca and poppy plant. For the most part, they do not target distribution to their own citizens. They have made it known since the days of Ricky Ross that African Americans are the primary targets. Once the drugs reach the states, African American youths are the primary ones arrested and sentenced away for possession, even though white youths are the defacto primary consumers. 

A (6/16/2012) report by John Burnett for NPR.org says that Mexico earns $12 billion a year in drug profits from US sales. The law enforcement’s attraction to these drugs has little to do with keeping the public healthy and drug-free, and much to do with justifying government funding, as well as the huge profits created by padding their own budget through various seizures of drug money interception.

The Burnett report also states that 4 years prior to ‘08, the amount of cash seized by them tripled from $567 million to $1.6 billion. Texas alone seized $125 million. One can only imagine what the 2012 total is, since much of this was due to traffic stops. During the ‘80s and ‘90s, intelligence agencies were created through CIA importation of crack cocaine, today various police and Sheriff departments can and have created, exclusively with confiscated drug money, their own task forces.

African Americans have great power. We fail to understand our true power as very little of these bucks stop here in the ‘hood. Though only 14% of the US population, the 2012 total of black buying power is projected to be $1,037.7 billion. We outspend European-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. Recession, what recession? We’re the ones keeping this country afloat. Just because CNN and Fox doesn’t tell us this doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Any time you have the power to raise the economy, you have the power to destroy the economy. Blacks can bring down any economy here we chose except hunting, hockey, and health foods.

Since the mid-to-late ’80s, black boys have succumbed to the rush to move drugs; now it’s time to leave the South American growers as well as the middleman (US intelligence, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and prison industrial complex) high and dry. 

Such a major move among young black boys would require the same obstinacy and peer pressure among themselves that they used to get involved with these gangs and activities in the first place. Now, of course, we can’t discuss taking something away from today’s youth without replacing it, especially when it comes to doing something right just because it’s right. A large part of the fascination and attraction of illegal drugs and street gangs is that they are wrong. Black youths today have been and are still being programmed to be contrary in their thought-patterns. As direct result of their being involved in these underworld activities, they have become contrary to everything except the powerful white man, without really knowing it. Even though, in reality, they owe it to their own community to just stop, there is a program that has proven results through intervention, incentive and replacing these illegal activities with positive activity that has significantly lowered the crime rate in several cities. We will deal with these ideas in an upcoming column.

In the meantime, a black, youth-led prohibition of illegal narcotics and street gang ceasefires can make them out to be rebels of the highest order, upset the American, and to some extent world economy, and infuriate white American decision-makers to such an extreme, they will, at the very least, contemplate a 2nd civil war. Try it and see what happens. If law enforcement can use their confiscated drug money to bring in technology and resources, the black gangs’ remaining drug dollars can be pooled together to establish legal businesses based on manufacturing the things black youths enjoy buying the most: clothes, watches and other jewelry and even handmade high-performance automobiles, as Europeans have done for decades. Only this can make them real gangsters.

A lot of our single-mamas’ boys aren’t being taught about people like Frederick Douglass Patterson, who made his own brand of cars during the beginning of auto-manufacturing in the early 20th Century. They are brainwashed to think nothing is possible unless it’s against the law, or morally wrong by the same people who are looking to lock them up. Imagine Pookie and Ray Ray refraining from pulling the trigger on other blacks like the young sister who performed at President Obama’s Inauguration, Hadiya Pendleton. You don’t suspend such vile activity towards your own without having love of yourself and those that look like you in the first place. Love intense enough for a potential shooter to disobey a direct order from a shot-caller, for instance, to shoot a rival gang-member, at the cost of his own life. Saying “no” in this situation is a man decision, and these guys are well known to be boys and many drag their immaturity into their 30s.

At any rate, what they are doing now is intolerable and unacceptable. It’s no coincidence the drug culture and hard-core rap culture escalated during the early ‘90s. These are programs made to look like black culture, but they aren’t. So-called “gansta-rap” was a perverted version of music that the group NWA was already putting out. Marion “Suge” Knight was propped up to bring about deadly divisions between rap groups, and ultimately street gangs, through his use of the most influential rap artists of the period. He was nothing more than cover for forces much more powerful and clever than himself. Shifting 200 Chicago cops from desk duty to street duty in response to Hadiyah’s murder is a start, but if the US government wanted to actually stop Mexican drug importation they would allow Obama to transfer the Naval and Detention Base at Guantanamo Bay to several key locations in Mexico. That’s why it’s on black youths to stop the madness. An across-the-board national street gang ceasefire won’t bring back the tens of thousands of lives already needlessly lost, but it can save countless lives today and in the future. It must be done at ALL costs.

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