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Est. April 5, 2002

Jan 31, 2013 - Issue 502
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In This Issue

Violence Begets Violence in America

More guns will make us all safer, right?

Guns for Teachers
Political Cartoon
By Mark Hurwitt, Brooklyn NY

Killing For A Promotion:
Military Women Now Able To Serve In Combat

Women having the opportunity to die in U.S. endless wars is not my idea for a big celebration - especially when one out of three women soldiers are sexually assaulted.

If You Can’t Win Fair and Square, Cheat
By Larry Matthews

Voters in November were legalizing same-sex marriage and marijuana while Republicans were trying, in their own clumsy way, to justify rape and take away the right to birth control. What could be more off the mark?

Mali: Neo-Colonialism
Meets Islamic Fundamentalism…
and the People Suffer

Mali, a country rich in natural resources, including gold and uranium, has remained important to global capitalism.

China: More Than a Country
Of Millions of Low Wage Workers

China does not seem to be uncomfortable with so many abjectly poor workers, because it attracts investment from transnational corporations from the rich countries.

Camaraderie Does NOT Build Real Community

I am sure that this President was struck with the thought that the video might “come back to haunt him” in a future round of partisan false mislabeling.

Aaron Swartz
Political Cartoon
By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Change Your Mind, Not Your Tune

What used to look like hard-nosed politics, has revealed itself as a cheating, lying and stealing M.O.

Why the Time is Now for Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is going to be an ugly fight, particularly during the discussion as to what should come first, the chicken or the egg.

MLK Day Reflection on LGBTQ Justice

Would King be a public advocate for LGBTQ rights?

The Legitimate Rage of the People
Cannot Forever Be Denied

The terrorist U.S. prison gulag known as Guantanamo continues functioning unabated under the leadership of the NDAA signing, 'Kill List,' predator-drone missile U.S. president, Barack Obama.

Stand and Launch
Animated Political Cartoon
By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

We Own the Future
By Shepard Fairey
Los Angeles CA

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