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Est. April 5, 2002

Jan 17, 2013 - Issue 500

In This Issue

Political Cartoon
Armed for Prayer 
By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

The Central Park 5:
Where were we then and where are we now?

It is a sad metaphor of how our society, particularly the African American community, has been missing as an unjust system sucks up our children.

Destruction of U.S. Postal Service
Appears to be Going as Planned

A privatized postal service system never will send a first class letter anywhere in the country for 45 cents.

Whether they will complete their mission or whether they will recede like a huge wave returning to the sea, only time will tell.

Leave it to Tarantino - he’s challenged us to ask a number of difficult questions.

The ideas of fairness, equality, love and peace are corrupted by the logic of the Market.

Political Cartoon
South African Farm Workers Strike
By Zapiro, South Africa

Jill M. Humphries, PhD

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

When we are silent, we can objectively become complicit in the crimes that are committed around the world in our name.
By Nia Imara, PhD

Genuine rebuilding must take as its premise that the Haitian people are due a justice at least 200-years-old.

When Government is the Bad Guys
Their autocratic, unchallenged power ruins the lives of thousands of Americans each year.

Is Opposing Obama's 'Kill List' & Drone Missile Murders Being Anti-Black?

If you are accused of being anti-Black because of your legitimate opposition to the policies of Obama – hold your head high and intensify in the quest on behalf of not only Black America, but also on behalf of everyday people of all hues and shades of the entire collective human family.

Dr. Woodson and Studying Our History Throughout the Year

Dr. Woodson was deeply concerned that the contributions of African people to this society and the world were not given their proper recognition.


By Kadir Nelson, San Diego CA

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