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 Cover Story - Defeating  A  3-Headed Monster - By Dr. Steven Pitts, PhD

The threat is not over because there is not a clear opposing vision deeply rooted in the neighborhoods and communities of the country.

Political Cartoon - Sandy By Mark Hurwitt, Brooklyn NY

Obama Ground Operation 2012: Fusion Of Information Technology And Grassroots Organizing

We analyze the ground operation for victory in 2012 and seek to draw lessons for the progressive forces as the contradictions deepen between the one per cent and the 99 per cent.

The 2012 U.S. Elections and the Future of the Left

Voters, angered by the attacks on their rights, turned out in even greater force in favor of Democratic candidates.

 The Election of Illusion

The illusion was that nothing else mattered, except the economy.

 E Pluribus Unum

Written descriptions of our unity are more often misleading blather than indications of reality.

 Barack Obama and the New Plantation

The ‘masters’ of this present-day New Plantation are the corporate elite and their minions; the field slaves are the ordinary people.

 Anti-Realism EXPOSED: Why The Republicans Can’t Figure Out How They Lost

They couldn’t bring themselves to see the new realities in America’s culture shifts.

Political Cartoon - Snack Shops By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

 The U.S. Continues to Outlaw Versatile Forest-Saving Hemp

You can buy hemp twine and rope, but American farmers cannot grow hemp.

 Compliance Is A Bitch! Accomplices at the “Edu-Factory”

The university came to be seen as a tool, not just for elites, but for the public good.

 Malawi’s LGBTQ’s Short-Lived Freedom

They contend that homosexuality is an anathema to an African identity, cultural and family values.

 Taking a Deep Look at Ourselves

Segments of the African community in the United States are disconnected from the moral and ethical traditions that have characterized relationships among African people in the past.

Political Cartoon - By Any Means Necessary By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Art - Collard By Kadir Nelson, San Diego CA

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