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 Cover Story: This Election Is Not A Pathway To Accomplishment

Progressive activists must know that it takes concerted action from the bottom to make sustainable change happen!

Political Cartoon - Gynecology Theology By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Radicals, Activists and the 2012 Elections in the United States

The challenge will be to defeat Romney while building a movement that is based on reversing the priorities of the militarists so that the society can make a break with the power of the financial aristocracy and the traditions of racial genocide.

Will Obama Or Romney Save Our Planet?

Why have President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney not addressed human-caused climate change in their campaigns?

 The Hurricane and the Postal Service

Ask yourself if you care whether or not you receive the mail that the Constitution promises.

 As the Blood Gushes the People Die!

It is a serious, long, hard, and protracted struggle to replace this rotten, filthy, unjust, and corrupt political system.

HHhH: The Story of Resistance

If this shift in symbols had been “invented” by a novelist, would the information be considered “worthless” while the same narrative, authenticated by a historian would have more value?

Political Cartoon - The Importance of Voting By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

 November 7th, 2012, A Day Which May Live In Infamy

This election will prove if the “Left” can “hold-the-line” against the “Reagan Revolutionaries” who yearn to return the land, its people, its way-of-life to “yesteryear,” America - circa 1952.

 We Were Told What They Would Do and We Paid No Attention

Now, the money does not flow as freely to the bureaucratic agencies of government; it goes to corporations that presume to carry on the work.

 Election Day 2012: Test of America’s National Character

Do they really want get rid of Obama so badly that they will ruin the recovery for ideas that will proven ruinous to the country?

 Time for Disinformation

In the 1950s, many people didn’t believe efforts were underway to stop Blacks from voting.

Self-Determination and the American Dynamic

The American-European dynamic is made up of people of many nations who migrated to this country and continued to fight for and develop their national interests, inside this country.

Art: "The First Vote” By A.R. Waud, Wood engraving 1867, Courtesy of the Library of Congress

The Mass Line and the Struggle Against the Obama Administration By Saladin Muhammad

The electoral arena is one of the arenas of struggle for political democracy. Unfortunately, it is too often viewed by the Black and general masses as the only arena of struggle for democracy.

 Why Support Obama in 2012? By Joe Navarro

I would view involvement in the current elections as a temporary effort to forestall the right-wing’s ability to control this nation completely and use this time as a period of struggling to defend the rights of people.

Art: Votes for Women Photograph, U.S. Women’s Suffrage

Quote to Ponder: "I knew that I could vote and that it wasn't a privilege; it was my right…”

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