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Cover Story: Latino activists join with marriage activists. Will it work?

Immigration advocates and LGBTQ rights groups have long tried to get its constituencies working together.

Political Cartoon - Jim Crow’s Baby By Mark Hurwitt, Brooklyn NY

The Storm of Change

Change is uncomfortable. The outcome alters perspective, sometimes charring, almost always painful and often accompanied by rage or anger.

The GOP War On Workers Is Traditional…And Going Well

This struggle is not about money in a contract. It’s about whether the U.S.A. becomes a nation of (a few) haves and (lots of) have-nots.

 The Scurvy Little Obamas of the Betrayer Judas Generation

Suddenly it's totally cool to be a corporate puppet, a war monger, and a bloody hypocrite.

Political Cartoon - Voting Hurdles By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 Elections and the Quakers Who Repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery

This immoral doctrine remains at the root of most of our present day difficulties in the US!

 Shots Fired at Denver Obama Office; How Angry are Angry White people . . .?

It’s been standard-fare for hostile White folks to attack Black women, the elderly . . . and children, no?

Political Cartoon - Bandit By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

 NO on Measure J(acking): Time To Stop Ballot Initiative Exploitation in LA

Like every other community that has been impacted (or will be impacted)
by permanent transportation infrastructure, the Crenshaw community should be heard, listened to and cooperated with on something that will effect their lives, the lives of their children and their children's children.

 The Intellectual Crisis

When we use the term intellectual, we are talking about people who
struggle around ideas - writers, poets, scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and activists. Intellectuals are people who grapple with ideas
and who function in the cultural, political, educational, and economic domains of the society.

Political Cartoon: Voting Literacy Test By Bill Mauldin, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1964), Courtesy of Spartacus Educational Website

Quote to Ponder:  Malcolm X, Ballot or the Bullet Speech April 3rd 1964

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