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Shots Fired at Denver Obama Office
How Angry are Angry White people . . .?


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Racism, sexism and classism are woven into the very being of “Conservatives.”A few moons ago, when the “bang” went-off in the middle of the first Presidential Debate at the University of Denver, the President “jumped,” he reacted as someone in his position logically would. However, for Barack Obama there’s no one to compare him to - he’s the first of his kind, and that fact in-itself explains why he’d “react” to a loud bang. He understands how angry angry White people appear to be.

What aggravates and irritates me, as “Black Power” icon Angela Davis stated about this nation;”We’ve been persuaded to not talk about race.”

This President, must be under immense pressure, beginning with worrying, and not-merely about his own life . . . but that of his wife, two daughters and his live-in mother-in-law. All these women are targets in a honorless war against Black people . . . a conflict we’re not permitted to openly discuss because the court-of White public opinion won’t tolerate it.

Black folks should be seldom seen and hardly ever heard . . . .

In the tumultuous tale of America, which encompasses Black people’s battle to be more-than simply property, 3rd-class semi-citizens and alas . . .  “Niggers” -  it’s been standard-fare for hostile White folks to attack Black women, the elderly . . . and children, no?

Obama’s Presidency is making himself, his family and everyone who supports him the target of angry White people, no?

Oct 14th, Downtown Denver, Obama Campaign Field-office . . . a bullet shatters the front window . . . while campaign staffers were inside . . . including women.

You have to understand, despite being a “Blue state,”  like any other state in the union . . . racism, sexism and classism are woven into the very being of “Conservatives.” This is Tom Tancredo Land, our airports, neighborhoods and parkways are named after officials . some of whom were part-time Klansmen. . . .

Go on-line, tune-into local AM Hate Radio in the Rocky Mountains, ala KOA, KHOW -  It’s akin-to listening-in on a 1966 John Birch Society or a White Citizens Council meeting - all you need are a few crosses and some kerosene.  Rush, Hannity and Savage and locals like Peter Boyles saturate the thin airwaves with hatred.

God forbid anything happens to this man or his loved ones, if-so, these diabolical bastards will have blood drippin’ off their microphones . . . .

It’s been standard-fare for hostile White folks to attack Black women, the elderly . . . and children, no?Wait, this tid-bit sets the tone, feel n’ flavor of Colorado beyond the Metropolitan area; the infamous Big Easy Butcher - former FEMA head, Mike “brownie” Brown is a featured voice in Denver; few, if-any of the rank n’ file Rednecks harbor any resentment or anger for his role in the Hurricane Katrina debacle. No, instead he’s a All-American Hero.

Never-mind everywhere you look there’s obvious racial tension in air - there’s still some question, some denial that angry White men are angry.? Yes, somehow the question on the op-ed pages of various websites is  “Are Black Folks Voting For President Obama Because He’s Black?”

Rather headlines ought-read; “Are White people voting for Romney because he’s White?” Or, “Are White folks voting for Mitt Romney because he’s not Black?”

Ponder this prolific point; Little George W. and Big Dick Cheney stole two elections, then despite being  Viet-Nam draft-dodgers - they hoodwinked the nation into 2 wars, where they sacrificed 22 year-old soldiers for Texas Tea. Wars  which transformed a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus  into a 10-trillion-dollar debt . . . . and the majority of White Americans voted for them, not once, but twice.

Nevermind Romney’s ‘religion/cult” - he not only hides his moo-lah in other countries, but yet  has a planet, of his own awaiting him in the heavens . . . . Dismiss his arrogant, aristocratic attitude and reflective aristocratic agenda. And somehow rationalize his flexible “Gumby like” backbone - the man’s willing to tell the little people, (White Trash) whatever they want to hear to get elected.

I’ve come to the conclusion most White people just don’t like Black people. . . It’s as if they’ve a grudge against Black people, it’s as if we enslaved them and then semi-freed them and gave them 3rd class status.

President Obama  realizes his little girls and his wife are  . . . fair game. It’s not as if “Tony Montana’ is in on the “hit” - one who has mobster-type character and values which dictate he not  target or regard innocent folks as “collateral damage.”

No, we’re talkin’ Timothy McVey here, another real American hero in parts of the Heartland, and down-below the Mason-Dixon Line, in the Land of Dixie . . . .

In weighing n’ measuring the hate, it’s not far-fetched, this notion the President is “intentionally’ throwing the election to save the lives of his family, as well as obviously his own. It ought-not be dismissed as a mere “notion,” but rather the obvious, likely-reason he played’“rope-a-dope” with Romney and allowed the Mormon Mauler to maul him all night.

President Obama may very-well be trying to save his loved ones lives - however to point this possibility/likelihood out, the man, and his family are “targets.” And the amount of, the sheer number of “die-Nigger-die” luv letters far outweigh what any other Presidential  family incurred - is a shedding-of-light the US press refuses to acknowledge.

Let’s not pretend we don’t recall the incivility, lack-of-manners and complete disrespect shown this man and his wife by angry White folks; the verbal slights and insults men like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have leveled at the first lady; they’ve all but called her ugly, fat-ass, angry-as-hell Sapphire, and you n’ I know how bad they yearn to do just that.

These punks have purposely gone out of their way to belittle the First Lady, in the identical manner they’ve made it a point to disrespect President Obama; I need not highlight the affronts made to this President, from telling him he’s a liar to pointing an arrogant, defiant, bigoted Redneck finger in his face.

The question is . . . “what do they really want to say, and “do to”  this president, and the people responsible for placing him in the Oval Office?”

Now, with this . . . terrorist act in Denver, it’s as if the half-mad Neo-Cons on the “Right’ want to show us how much they despise Black people. . . . and Nigger lovers.  Forgive me;  US history is littered-with examples of White hostilities and injustices committed towards Afro-Americans and White folks, like Joe Biden who stand with us.

Black folks should be seldom seen and hardly ever heard . . .The racial climate is so-very volatile and seemingly combustible you’ve got to ask yourself “do most White people want us “back in the back of the bus?” A return-to segregated schools and neighborhoods?  Do most Whites want Blacks banned n’ barred from Holiday Inns and not visit Disneyland?

Must we go’round-back at McDonalds to get our food?

Do my Caucasian neighbors and co-workers secretly want me to call them by their last names only, as I stare at the ground daring-not  look them in the eye? However they call me . . . whatever-in-the-hell they feel like at the moment  -  “Boy,” Nigger” whatever derogatory term fancies them.

Are those the ‘good ol” days angry White folks long for, the times Romney is hopefully going to bring-back?

Certainly I’m not the lone Paul Revere  proclaiming “the Rednecks are comin’, the Rednecks are comin’!’ Look, the Republican TEA Party will do whatever-it-takes to elect Mitt Romney, solely because he’s White, and they’re multiple conservative factions who’d resort-to 1963 methods to do-so, including  bombings and  snipers, any n’ everything in-order to elect Romney and thus save ‘their country.” Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.

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