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 Cover Story - The Denver Presidential Debate: Obama vs. the Empty Corporate Suit Who Would Kill Big Bird

If the media are worth their salt, they will make Romney account for the stories he concocted.

Political Cartoon - Remembering Jim Crow By Mark Hurwitt, Brooklyn NY

Survival of the Kindest

The “survival of the fittest” model is now starting to collapse. With its collapse it is subtly undermining many of the most powerful political, economic, and social systems in the West, including capitalism.

Could the Western Sahara Blow Up?

Saharawi youth are increasingly dissatisfied with the stalemate and are tending to look for a renewal of the armed struggle.

Political Cartoon - Politically Incorrect By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

 Barack Obama: Ghetto Uprising Insurance – We Must Get This Blood Off Our Hands!

There is absolutely no such thing as the ‘lesser of the evils’.

 American Education: Reform or Revolution

While those at the bottom worry about survival and remain silent, those at the top of this order look away - but never down.

 A Month to Begin Anti-Bullying

The harm from bullying and the toll it takes is far greater than people realize.

Political Cartoon - Campaign Distractions By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 Where Will We Go For Drinking Water?

This month, a court suit is opening over the pollution of the Chesapeake Bay which, for decades, has been continually degraded by runoff

 Is Obama a Militant or a Sex Symbol...?

Obama is “more man” then most of these political punks and fabricated businessmen... and they know it.

 Is the “Great Debate” Really the Great Set-Up? The Expectations of Obama to Please Everybody

The expectations seem to be even more unreasonable, given the environment and the realities of the nation’s economic and social indicators.

 Where Is Our Priority?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker showed support for the unionized referees, but ignored, ridiculed, and then lambasted the unionized public servants of his state.

  We Must Listen to the Spirit of our Ancestors

From time to time, movements have unfolded that have picked up on the ideas of these thinkers and activists.

Political Cartoon - Free Bradley Manning By Carlos Latuff, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Art: Fire Hydrant By Ray Ferrer - Urban Wall Art & Murals, New York NY

Quote to Ponder:  The Scab - Jack London (1876-1916)

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