Issue 359 - January 21, 2010
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Cover Story: How Quickly Will Haiti Be Forgotten? - The African World By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Cartoon: Haiti Help By Eric Garcia
Crisis and Opportunity - African American Leadership By Dr. Ron Walters, PhD
Analysis: Massachusetts Arrogance By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Pat Roberton’s Theodicy on Haiti - Inclusion - By The Reverend Irene Monroe
More Pain & Suffering – A Bad Way to Start the New Year - Left Margin By Carl Bloice
The Klan is the U.S. Government - Represent Our Resistance - By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD
Obama’s “Change:” From the Frying Pan Into the Fire - Keeping It Real By Larry Pinkney
Cartoon: Haiti 7.0 By Zapiro
Go Away! Please. - Haiti Doesn't Need Any More Pain - Dantò’s Note By Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent
Why The US Owes Haiti Billions - Justice Watch By Bill Quigley
Caution: Textbooks From Texas Could Have Parts Missing - Solidarity America By John Funiciello
The Obama's First Year and I'm Just Wondering... - Between The Lines By Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad, PhD
Back in the Day - Women of Color - By Suzanne Brooks
Cartoon: Raise the Fist By Carlos Latuff
Green Jobs Key to Counter Increasing Unemployment Among African Americans By Racine Tucker-Hamilton
Patti LaBelle Is Still Not In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! By Robert Bell
Art: Gone Fishing By George Keswick, Documentary Portrait Photography