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A Tribute to My Friend Spurag - Worrill’s World - By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill, PhD - Columnist
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It is rare that one maintains a relationship with someone you went to high school with over fifty years ago. I played high school sports with Brother Spurag beginning in 1955. We always stayed connected over the years even though our lives took different paths. He was a great friend and my brother. This article is dedicated to his spirit.


July 31, 1940 ~ April 9, 2009

This is to announce, to the community, that our friend and brother, Spurag Foster made his transition into eternity on Thursday, April 09, 2009, at 4:00 a.m. in Houston, Texas. As many of us know, Spurag relocated to Houston a few years ago after having spent a few years in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spurag moved to Houston to assist his son and grandchildren. While in Houston, Spurag discovered that our good friend and brother, Leighton “Frog” Jackson, also lived in Houston. Leighton and Spurag connected over the last few years and were in constant contact with each other. In fact, Spurag, through the help of Leighton and his wife Glenda, found an apartment across the street from Leighton’s house. Within the last several months, as Spurag’s health deteriorated and he underwent major surgery, Leighton and Glenda provided the care, love, and support for him during this critical time in his life. We all thank Leighton and Glenda for taking such care in looking after our brother, Spurag.

Spurag Foster was born on Wednesday, July 31, 1940 in Birmingham, Alabama. Like many black families, Spurag’s family migrated from the south to Chicago. Spurag spent many years growing up in the Woodlawn Community, graduated from Wadsworth Elementary School in January 1955 and went on to attend Hyde Park High School. Spurag had a passionate love for athletics and instantly began to demonstrate his athletic skills on the Frosh-Soph Basketball Team and the Varsity Football and Baseball Teams. He made the Varsity teams as a sophomore and became a key player in his junior year on Hyde Park’s Varsity Basketball Team.

On the baseball team, Spurag was an outstanding catcher known for his ability to hit long balls. He was a power hitter. On the football team, Spurag was a pulling guard, a ferocious blocker and a tenacious defensive lineman. He had no fear of physical contact. As a basketball player Spurag finessed his athletic skills into a talented and creative guard, along with his friends Arthur Hyrams and Albert Jefferson, who rotated in what we call today, the point and off-guard positions.

Upon graduating from Hyde Park High School in January 1959, Spurag enlisted in the United States Navy where served, honorably, for four years. During his stint in the Navy, Spurag embarked on a boxing career and won numerous championships as a boxer for the U. S. Navy.

After his naval career, Spurag became a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus driver for many, many years. His main route was Cottage Grove from 79th Street to Downtown and back. He was one of the mainstays of 79th & Cottage where he often socialized with other bus drivers in the neighborhood lounge. During this time Spurag distinguished himself as an outstanding softball player for the President’s Lounge team in Washington Park. His love for sports and his participation in softball continued for many years.

In addition to his athleticism, Spurag began to indulge in the game of Poker, various other card games, and games of chance. Spurag became quite skillful and developed an expertise for which he derived additional income from these endeavors.

Spurag was married only once and spent most of his life as a bachelor, doing what bachelors do. He fathered seven children that he cared for, deeply loved, and supported. He had numerous grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Those who grew up with Spurag, who participated in athletics with Spurag, who went to class with Spurag, and who socialized with Spurag, we can all truly say, we loved Spurag!

Spurag leaves to cherish his memory his seven children, grandchildren and great grandchild; long-time athletic high school friends and buddies like Charles Barnes, Ernie Thompson, Arthur Hyrams, Ed Price, Rufus Calhoun, Fred Hopson, Albert Jefferson, Herbert Rochelle, Conrad Worrill, and a whole host of friends and loved ones, a list too long to name. We loved Brother Spurag, and his gregariousness will remain with us through his great spirit, throughout eternity. Columnist, Conrad W. Worrill, PhD, is the National Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF). Click here to contact Dr. Worrill.


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April 16 , 2009
Issue 320

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Comment and read the comments of others on the Blog.
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