Issue Number 30 - February 20, 2003

Inside Crazy George’s head
Powell as war criminal: 1968, 2003
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George Bush's pirates danced in the darkness with their symbiont, Osama, last week. At bin Laden's taped invitation, the ghouls from Washington and the Wahabis staged a party to celebrate the coming Apocalypse. Condoleezza and Colin, Osama and several of his wives, bumping and grinding toward chaos.

In the immediate term, bin Laden and Bush both seek to plunge the world into utter disorder, the better to reshape the rubble. Bin Laden longs to be High Priest of an Islamic theocracy, which requires the destruction of the current global scheme of things. As we wrote in last week's commentary Osama is Calling... , the Bush men's goal is "to break down every impediment to their ability to impose the terms of relations among nations."

The pirate class are creating the conditions in which they can convert U.S. power directly into capital. Thus, the war against Iraq. Every obstacle to unlimited freedom of American action must be eliminated.

Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declare the United Nations "irrelevant," because they desire to make it so. War lust does not allow for much foreplay, so Colin Powell serves as a tall brown jar of Vaseline.

David Elliott watches as the icon tumbles.

How the mighty have fallen. Colin Powell's once sterling reputation as an isolated moderate in a hawkish administration has fallen with a sickening thud. He will now be forever known as the front-man for what could become one of the most heinous acts in recorded history - the wanton slaughter of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. If this ill-conceived "shock and awe" operation goes forward, you can add another title to the Secretary of State's resume - War Criminal. The International Court in The Hague is just itching to get its hands on some very prominent public figures who have been instrumental in perpetrating some of the world's worst atrocities. Two of these men are Ariel Sharon and Henry Kissinger. If this "war" goes forward, you can add Powell's name to the list.

This is a man who only two years ago was universally hailed as a genuine American hero - an African-American who could have made a legitimate run for the presidency. All of that is finished now, and his credibility and reputation are in tatters. Much of the "evidence" he presented before the UN Security Council that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction has been refuted by Dr. Hans Blix's weapons inspection team. The audiotape, allegedly from Osama bin Laden, which Powell purported to contain a so-called "nexus" between Al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein turned out to be anything but that. In fact the speaker on the tape made it very clear that he had no "warm and fuzzy" feelings for the embattled Iraqi leader but was instead delivering a message to the country's Muslim population. Powell now looks like an incompetent fool after his very public exclamations about what the tape would show. Is someone feeding him bad information? I wouldn't doubt it. Back in 2000, many thought that the principal reason Bush engaged in an elaborate courtship for Powell was to lend instant credibility to his fledgling administration. It seems that other agendas were at work as well. If Bush wins again in 2004, who better to run in 2008 than his little brother who is currently the governor of Florida - Jeb Bush. Powell might at one time have been a strong candidate for the 2008 race, but not now.

Harry Belafonte took a lot of heat for negative statements he made about Powell last year. As time goes on it has become apparent that he was absolutely right. All Powell can now look forward to is slinking off into the sunset when the hawks in this administration determine that he is no longer a viable asset and hope that the International Court doesn't come calling. It will be a sad end for such an accomplished person with whom I share a Jamaican heritage.

We should remember that Powell came to national, living room prominence making warlike faces and saying fierce words about Saddam Hussein at daily, televised press briefings during the Gulf War, 12 years ago. But that's Rumsfeld's job now, isn't it? Or is Rumsfeld Secretary of State, too? Whither, Powell? To wither on the vine? Or headed for The Hague?

And what about the Bush family's constant companion of the last two decades, Condoleezza Rice? Has her otherwise alienated existence prepared her for the judgment of international tribunals? At age 48, Rice may live to see her day in court.

Stephen Billock has been around long enough to carry history in his pocket. He writes:

I had previously read your comments on Condoleezza Rice and found them to be the most honest and forthright available.

We white veterans of our navy in WW2 remember the unfair method of assigning African-Americans to officers' mess duties despite their qualifications in other fields of endeavor. The present situation has not changed too much. Our military forces are composed of the nation's working class poor, and our minorities. It will amaze future generations that a small cabal surrounding this President have entangled us in a perpetual war with Islam's billion-plus adherents.

I do not think those that want this war against Islam will be deterred by any number of demonstrations. A good example of this hypocrisy was when Colin Powell expressed admiration for the 30,000 young people demonstrating in Tehran opposing the death sentence imposed on an academic. Powell commented on this, "The leaders in Iran had better start to listen to their citizens." Millions demonstrated in the U.S. and the Bush cabal did not hear them. Tony Blair has not heard the millions in the U.K. either.

All this reminds me of a popular ditty when England was gunning down the Zulus in Africa: "We care not how many Zulus they have got; we have the Gatling gun and they have not." Using a bit of poetic plagiarism I can update that to what our present leaders think: "We care not how many demonstrators the peace activists have got; we have our fingers on the triggers and they do not."

Last week was notable for tapes - Osama's and the duct variety - and color-coded states of confusion. Brother Rueben Smith proposes that terror alerts be made ethno-specific.

Given that the White House and Homeland Security (right) issue their alerts in colors, may I offer the Black community's color code for extreme danger: white, the color that has caused terror in the Black world for years. Terror has long been a part of the Black experience. Those good Americans who are so concerned about the rights of everyone but Blacks in the good old USA are nothing more than Satan's posse.

Terror is passing bills that do not help working and poor people; terror is faith-based; terror is Leave No Child Behind but putting a Negro in the Education Department that has nothing to say. These so-called New Black Leaders are nothing more than the sellouts (2000 version) of Reconstruction. They say the same thing over and over: everything is forgiven, it's a new day, etc. If this is true, why is racism raising its ugly head? Real Black people need to check these fools Now. Real Black is not about skin color, but state of mind.

Chaos is, by definition, difficult to describe, and harder still to grasp as policy. As Gertrude F. Treadway reminds us, we're not the first to note that criminals thrive in a chaotic environment.

Thanks again for your illuminating commentaries. I always concur with them. It is also odd, I guess, that I just finished reading an analysis of Bob Woodward's book on George Bush. The critique was by Georgie Anne Geyer. She alludes constantly to the "pirates" in the Bush administration and their "chaos theory" of government. Thank God, for the intelligent people in this country who are able to see beyond what seems obvious (George Bush's stupidity) to the real strategies planned by this cabal.

It took a very long time for Hard Right racists to overcome their visceral revulsion to direct contact with Blacks. However, now that the Bush crowd has tasted the political benefits of "compassionate conservatism," their Black front men and women are working overtime.

Peter E. Fowler of Dayton, Ohio, looks forward to showing the Republicans what a real rainbow looks like.

No doubt we are seeing just how brainwashed people of color (I hesitate to call this type "Black") can become complicit pawns in the game of global white supremacy and American imperialism. The likes of Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, et. al. are part of the overclass and its political arm, the WMP, White Man's Party (a.k.a. GOP). However, let us not be fooled into thinking that the Democratic Party is our alternative - No! We need a peoples' party, a party of the working class majority and people of color - with those people in positions of leadership. Maybe then the masses will find the motivation to act!

Gary Cobb writes from Hendersonville, Tennessee. Like the rest of us, he watched the White House accept the charges when Osama called.

The Black Commentator is consistently on target and drives straight to the heart of the matter in its reporting on Bush and his pirate crew. Brilliant commentary! Keep up the good fight and may God rain down his blessings for your effort.

In the confusion of bin Laden-Bush disorder, Osama's first call got routed to the irrepressible Maddie Bee. She handled it:

Hello! Hello! Who is it? Oh, it's you, Osama. I should have known. When the Bushistas get in trouble they drag you out of your cave.

Well, ex-brother Colon the Powerful claimed not to have heard your tape, as did "never-know-nothin'" Ari the Flusher. Osama we just don't believe their lies. Didn't you hand over that tape to the CIA so Bushistas could scoop Al-Jazeera? Sure you did.

Hey, Osama, come on now - how 'bout layin' low next time around so these fools can't use you to terrify us! Thank you, man. Try to stay in that cave!

has a large readership in Austin, Texas. Suspecting that the city might be a hotbed of insurrection, we followed the swirling currents of Austin's radicalism to the source: Larry Piltz.

I've written before, and each issue reinforces my admiration for your work at Black Commentator. Your writing is filled with acumen and courage. It'd be nice if the TV networks and major dailies picked up these traits. Thanks again for insight and analysis that goes straight to the center of the problem. The only thing I could possibly add to your discussion of the pirate agenda is that, in the end, the chaos will swallow up its perpetrators. Hopefully, enough of the rest of us will be around to appreciate that particular irony.

In case you hadn't heard about Colin Powell's participation in the cover-up of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, which clinched his status as an up-and-coming good ol' boy with a bullet, here is a section I copied from A Google search using the words, Colin Powell My Lai, brings up a bunch more information. (If your amazing cartoonist took this on as a project, maybe Colin Powell could be made to resemble Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine saying, "What, My Lai?")

The My Lai massacre: On March 16, 1968, US soldiers from the Americal Division slaughtered 347 civilians - primarily old men, women, children, and babies - in the Vietnamese village of My Lai 4 (pronounced, very appropriately, as "me lie"). The grunts also engaged in torture and rape of the villagers.

Around six months later, a soldier in the 11th Light Infantry Brigade - known among the men as "the Butcher's Brigade" - wrote a letter telling of widespread killing and torturing of Vietnamese civilians by entire units of the US military (he did not specifically refer to My Lai). The letter was sent to the general in charge of 'Nam and trickled down the chain of command to Major Colin Powell, a deputy assistant chief of staff at the Americal Division, who was charged with investigating the matter and formulating a response.

After a desultory check - which consisted mainly of investigating the soldier who wrote the letter, rather than his allegations - Powell reported that everything was hunky-dory. There may be some "isolated incidents" by individual bad seeds, but there were no widespread atrocities. He wrote: "In direct refutation of this portrayal is the fact that relations between Americal soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent." The matter was closed.

To this day, we might not know about the carnage at My Lai if it hadn't been for another solider who later wisely sent a letter to his Congressman. (Twenty-five years later Powell gave an interview in which he not only failed to condemn the massacre but seemed to excuse it.)

Attempt at wit:

Making a checklist of various subjects covered in Black Commentator, I've tried to coin phrases appropriate for each political topic.

School vouchers - divide and conquer
Faith-based bribery - daze and confuse
Anti-diversity actions - shuck and jive
The terror war - binge and purge
Deficit spending - I've got mine, and now I've got yours
Homeland security - duck, cover, and pray our president was Danny Glover
Colin Powell - What, My Lai?
Black conservatives - reverse minstrel shows
Tax cuts for the wealthy - that great sucking sound
Environment degradation - federal policy!
Armageddon - Bush's guilty pleasure

A lot of those could be interchangeable, unfortunately.

Notice that we allowed Mr. Piltz all the space he needed to lavish praise on The Black Commentator. Let this be a lesson to all those who might correspond with in the future.

Michael Adams, of Atlanta, has also scoped our vain streak.

Man! You are Bad... to the Bone! You go ! Great Toon by Khalil Bendib and the Analysis "Osama is Calling" was most incisive." In fact it may have been incisive enough to induce a media blitz of ersatz explanations from the Ministry of Truth.

General Powell? He appears to be dancing in the Uptown Cabaret. But, does he really have a percentage of the house or a chip in the game? He better have a chip in the game considering what he's giving up!

Mr. Powell laid out some bald faced, bare assed world-class bull for the Bush Junta that day. However, the world media (especially on line) chewed up his offering like a school of ravenous bull-shredding piranha in 18 hours, and atomized it in 36 hours.

To be able to lie in front of the world when many discerning people know you are lying is not something most of us could do without showing some feeling of embarrassment. Among the power elite the ability to Bald Face Lie and Prevaricate is a much-admired trait and thus the admiration reinforces this ritual ass baring tendency among those who would strive to join them. Who would have ever thought that General Powell could become a Grotesque Gatsbyesque Goebbelsian Crier for The Addled Emperor Dubyus II.

Mr. Adams' analysis verges on the psychiatric - a job for 's resident clinical psychologist/psychotherapist, Dr. Alvin Walker, PhD, PD, PC.

Crazy George

Thousands of new visitors were referred to our pages through massive Internet posting of Dr. Walker's February 6 piece, "'Shrub' Bush's Pathological Focus On Saddam Hussein."

"Shrub" Bush's developmentally immature and regressive obsession with Mr. Hussein seems to be part of an unfolding Oedipal drama. For him, the goal is to "defeat" the idealized father who "Shrub" was never able to measure up to and in whose footsteps "Shrub" seems to have assiduously sought to tread by defeating and destroying Mr. Hussein, someone his father was unable to vanquish. In this fashion, Mr. Bush hopes to win the Oedipal battle....

And so we are left with foreign policy as psychodrama, as well as service to Israel and, as Nelson Mandela has pointed out, US oil interests and the military industrial complex.

Sensing that the market value of Dr. Walker's advice is far higher than that of the publishers of , Susan Balmer wrote to him, directly.

Dear Dr. Walker:
Thank you so much for trying to explain Bush's motivations. I haven't read any of his biographies so I really don't' know what drives him. My own opinion is that he is a very "evil" man who tries to masquerade as being god's appointed servant. His mission is to bring peace to the world by waging unending war? The few times I've been able to listen to him talk, I feel that he is insincere - he has a vacant, hateful, arrogant look in his eyes. He is no more a religious person than I don't know what. It doesn't matter at this point because we are going to proceed with this massacre in Iraq with or without anyone's approval.

From Memphis, Randall Cook engaged Dr. Walker to discuss the intersection of criminality, lack of human empathy, and U.S. foreign policy.

Dear Dr. Walker:
There is only one very serious problem with your hypothesis concerning the DubYa's mental problems:

He has never, ever called any of the shots in any action since he has been appointed President by the far right criminals in the "Supreme" Court. He is simply a spokesman. He has no intelligence and the Repubs know it. They never wanted a true thinker in the White House... well, except for the criminal in the Vice President's office.

The entire domestic and foreign policy of the United States is being run by unknown individuals that are perpetrating a very short term plan to make themselves, and a small group of others, very, very wealthy. That is all there is to it. If you look at every action they are doing in the terms of a simple five-year scam designed to make a few people rich, all will become clear.

They know that their actions are going to destroy the lives of millions of people. But this, to them, is totally beside the point and of no concern. They do not care at all about the rest of us.

It is the ultimate organized crime; the ultimate mob.

Faith-based bribery

The largest circulation newspaper in Kentucky reprinted our January 2 commentary "De-funding the Right Rev. Dr. Greedygut: Faith-based bribery's sleazy constituency." Through the enlightened editorship of the Louisville Courier-Journal, we are privileged to meet Barbara Anderson.

I read the article in my local paper (Courier-Journal) I agree with it 100%. Keep up the good work and the heat on Bushie.

Keep writing.

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