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July 10, 2008 - Issue 285
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Cover Story: What Is Patriotism Really About? - Between the Lines
Political Cartoon: Obama Patriotism
Rev. Pinkney, Activist, Sent to Prison! - Class Warfare in the U.S. of Amerikkka! - Represent Our Resistance
Voter Protection - The African World
Handgun Madness at the U.S. Supreme Court - Color of Law
It Makes You Want to Cry: Economy Hits Seniors Hard - Left Margin
Obama’s Turn to the Right Leaves Out Poor LGBTQ Americans - Inclusion
Freedom Really is a Constant Struggle - Keeping it Real
Political Cartoon: No Bid Oil Contracts

The Zimbabwean Working Peoples: Between a Political Rock and an Economic Hard Place - Think Piece

A Few Thoughts on Patriotism
The Twenty-Ninth NBUF Convention: The Next Generation Taking The Lead - Worrill’s World
Ask Not What...
Art: Fallouja Wall
Sketches of Our Culture: Apathetic, Going on Pathetic - Student Writers’ Corner
Hope - Poetic Black Fusion - Spoken Word Poetry
The Oakland Community School, Oakland, CA / The Hope Is Our Young People - In Struggle Spotlight
Quote to Ponder: "For the black man with the attaché case, or for the black boy on the needle,.." - James Baldwin
Africa Advocacy & The Zimbabwe Factor
Political Cartoon: South America Food Crisis