March 20 , 2008 - Issue 268
Cover Story: Obama Race Speech Analysis By 14 Editorial Board Members
Barack Obama’s Speech on Race - March 18, 2008 - Philadelphia PA
Political Cartoon: Bush Baptizing Prisoners
The Problem with Feminist Icons
Nearly 4000 Dead and All is Well??? - The African World
Obama: The Attacks Have Only Just Begun - Left Margin
Incarceration vs. Education: Reproducing Racism and Poverty in American - Along the Color Line
Try To Make It Real: Compared to What? - Keeping It Real
Political Cartoon: Banker Bum
Ignorance for the Blissfully Educated - Represent Our Resistance

Book Review - All Things Being Equal: Instigating Opportunity in an Inequitable Time - Color of Law

Comparison of Obama & Cynthia McKinney: Who is the Real Progressive Candidate?
Lebron James, Starring as King Kong - From the Fringe
Art: End of the Day
Recession: The Federal Reserve Issuing Welfare Checks at Discount Window
Remembering a Great Ancestor: Lu Palmers - In Struggle Spotlight
Has Race Finally Trumped Hope AND Change - Between the Lines
The Marines: They're Killers and Attack Dogs - Sidetracked
Chicago’s Trinity UCC is ‘Great Gift to Wider Church Family
Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
Africa Steps Up Efforts to Train Top Scientists
Political Cartoon: A 110 Dollar Bill