George Bush has embarked on a strategy of permanent war abroad. The inevitable result will be a permanent state of emergency within the borders of the United States. There is no possibility of separating the two. And permanent domestic emergency will certainly mean a permanent state of siege for Black America, the permanent domestic enemy.

Readers of a certain age may have heard this kind of alarm before, but the nation has never been here before, at the brink of armed conflict with no end, under a regime that is intent on creating and sustaining a global theater of warfare.

We are not talking about occasional hostilities, nor the mere threat of war from here to eternity, but actual wars in constant flow around a globe that is to be forever suppressed in naked pursuit of "U.S. interests." George Bush is acting under a strategic policy that demands the continuous demonstration of a universal American right to impose its will on Planet Earth.

This blueprint, discussed briefly in our October 3 issue, has been described as a design to place the world's energy resources under U.S. lock and key. It is far more than that; energy is just part of the spoils of global rule.

It is not a secret policy, but an open book, loudly proclaimed, if the public would but listen. The working document is entitled, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century," a report prepared by Vice President Dick Cheney's close associates just before the 2000 election. It has been implemented by the Bush administration at every stage of development. The events of September 11 have surely accelerated the process, but the plan was policy the moment Bush and Cheney assumed office.

(Atlanta Constitution deputy editor Jay Bookman provides an excellent analysis of the issue:

The Project for the New American Century document calls for U.S. engagement in as many as four simultaneous wars at any given time for the foreseeable future. These wars would be initiated by the U.S. to eliminate "threats" from any quarter. The word "threat" has been redefined, to mean the capability of any state to mount a "deterrent to American intervention" anywhere on the globe.

No nation in human history has ever spoken words remotely sounding like this. The now operative American strategy baldly places the whole planet under the gun, for utilization as the U.S. sees fit - a permanent state of war against any portion of humanity that might resist.

The simple capability to deter the U.S. from acting as it chooses is deemed a legitimate cause of attack. The 2000 report linked North Korea, Iraq and Iran as nations seeking nuclear weapons as "a deterrent to American intervention" - a year and a half before Bush dubbed the trio "the Axis of Evil." Pundits around the globe looked down their noses at Bush, decrying his lack of sophistication. What axis? they asked. How could any informed person think that these dissimilar mini-powers have anything in common? Two of them, Iran and Iraq, are deadly enemies, having lost a million men to each other in a war that lasted most of the Eighties.

The pundits didn't get it. According to the logic of the New American Century, it does not matter what Iraq, Iran or North Korea do, or whether they even speak to one another. The "Axis" countries share one thing only - a presumed willingness and capability to resist the U.S. - and must be deprived of that capability by all means necessary. Their mere capacity to deter U.S. intervention in their regions puts them in Washington's cross hairs. The report says this plainly, and lays out in detail the permanent deployment of U.S. forces to suppress such capability anywhere it appears.

In the not very long term, the report calls for the encirclement of China, in preparation for a final showdown.

Nowhere does the report pay even lip service to the sovereignty of other peoples. The sole purpose of U.S. dominion over the globe is to advance U.S. interests. Herein lies the true meaning of, "You are either with us... or against us" - another much derided and misunderstood statement by Bush. His handlers intend to literally eliminate all potential opposition.

Since it is in the nature of people to resist, the U.S. will get its four simultaneous wars, and more. That is precisely what the planners of the "New American Century" expect.

During the congressional debate on Iraq, the Bush administration and its supporters further refined the order of battle. If Saddam has germs that can be used for warfare, they declared, he must be destroyed. However, even if he no longer possesses stocks of germs, he might rebuild his capacity, and must therefore be destroyed. If he cannot deliver the future germs as weapons, he might give them away to others who can; he must therefore be destroyed.

This logic, accepted by a majority of the Congress, can be applied to the tiniest Caribbean or Pacific island nation, in conjunction with any political grouplet thought to be located in any corner of the world. Low-level germ stocks can be manufactured in the smallest countries, and stolen or purchased by any serious terrorist organization. No industrial base is necessary. Under the Bush Doctrine, any nation accused of harboring people who might possess such "weapons of mass destruction" can be targeted and summarily neutralized. If capability alone justifies attack, universal capability means worldwide targets and permanent war.

The world also exists within U.S. borders. Every nation is represented here, by tens and hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Unless the Bush strategy is rejected in its entirety, racist passions will sweep the interior of this nation with undiluted fury. Race hatred is the only fuel that can sustain permanent, global war. It is also the automatic and inevitable response to the attacks that will surely multiply against the homeland of a super-aggressive America.

State terror at home lies very near down this road. Black America remains the permanent enemy within. This bell tolls for us.

Report of Project for the New American Century, September 2000: "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century"


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Issue Number 14
October 17, 2002



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