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Answers to BC Question: What Is Your Take On Obama's Afghan Buildup

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Suzanne Brooks

William (Bill) Strickland

Larry Pinkney

The Reverend Irene Monroe

David A. Love

Carl Bloice

Martin Kilson

Emira Woods

Voice Messages
from BlackCommentator.com Readers

Barbara in New York City comments
on Healthcare Reform We Deserve


Response to BC Question: Was President Obama's State of the Union address satisfactory?

Barbara of NYC was disappointed not to hear President Obama talk about the idea of shared sacrifice.


Answers to BC Question: What Is Your Take On Obama's Afghan Buildup

Patrick of New York state is appalled and ashamed as a black man

Roger from Columbus, Ohio supports Obama's Afgan buildup

Answers to BC Question: Are you satisfied or disappointed with President Obama's fight for Healthcare reform?

Tracy in Chicago believes Obama is invested in elitist imperialist America and will accept any healthcare compromise


Faye in Cleveland, Ohio is not at all satisfied with Obama, but the system is the problem, not Obama


Vernellia in Dayton, Ohio is not only disappointed, but horrified


Mary in California is very disappointed with Obama's approach to healthcare reform


Theree in St. Louis opposes Obama care and thinks it is Socialistic.


Rob in Seattle, Washington says we did our part to get Obama elected. Now it's time for him to stand up for us.


Damita in Wichata, Kansas - a 41 year old black woman opposed to Obama's "Socialist" healthcare reform & believes there is no healthcare crisis


General Topic Comments

Patrick in Des Moines, Iowa on the 5th Amendment