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Feb 14, 2013 - Issue 504
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In This Issue

It's Time For A Queer-Friendly Pope

If the Catholic Church was looking for a religious leader who embraces the world — as it is today — Pope Benedict XVI a.k.a. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was not the man.

Nelson Mandela
By Kadir Nelson, San Diego CA


William Wells Brown:
Resourceful Reformer, Author, and Physician

By Dr. Marion Kilson, PhD

He carried 69 fugitives to freedom in Canada between May and early December of 1842.

The Christopher Dorner Episode May Be Over-
But the Questions He Raised Remain

What made some sympathetic towards his plight was that they understood what he was dealing with.

Monsanto Keeps on Moving Toward
A Lock on the World’s Food System

The patenting of life forms allows a few giant corporations to control the food system; controlling the food system controls a people.

Can Black America Survive 'Drone Man' Barack Obama?

We must be principled. We must quickly cease allowing ourselves to be perpetual pawns of the 'color' game, which game implies that if a person is black, then he or she must be given a pass no matter what he or she does.

My Own Demise
Political Cartoon
By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

Drones: Warfare Fit for a Changed America

In the land of the free, a vision of citizenry in lock step with a repressive regime is unthinkable.

God Particle:
Nexus of Science and Religion

Western culture tends to emphasize and reward left brain thinking while other cultures set the balance of emphasis and rewards differently.

Black Parents:
We Must Regain Control over our Children’s Education

By Dr. Travis L. Gosa, PhD

The school seems to believe that rappers who pander songs about drug dealing and sex should be role models for our children.

The White Supremacy System

White people own and control these industries and use African people to “bring the highest return off their investment”.

Political Cartoon
By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

By Ray Ferrer
Urban Wall Art & Murals, New York NY

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