eBook FAQs

A reader of BC eBooks says:

"I got the eBooks. Thanks. This is just what I wanted,
to be able to read BC on the subway!"

Kindle Device Note: If you have a Kindle Fire or any other Kindle device and would like the current eBooks added to your library we can send them to you using your Kindle email address.  Every Kindle has a unique email address that can be found in the setup section of the device.  At the present time Amazon will not charge you for Receiving a BC eBook. 

Click here to send BC your Kindle email address. 

Next, please add [email protected] to the list of email addresses your Kindle will accept messages from so we can email an eBook each week.  Thanks very much. An alternative method is for you to download the .mobi file and then email it to your Kindle address as an attachment.

1.    Do I need a subscription to BC to read a BC eBook?.

   Yes. You need either a Free or Paid subscription or a donation to BC to access the eBook menu.    
  However, all of our eBooks
are for sale on Amazon at a cost of $.99 (99 cents) per issue. On Amazon
  a subscription or donation to BC is not required to make a purchase.

2.    Do I need to buy a new device to read an eBook?.

No, as an eBook, BC is readable on PC, notebook, tablet, eBook device, smart phone or any other device capable of downloading a file from the internet.


3.    Do I need to get anything new in order to read BC?

Yes, if you don’t have eReader software, you will need to download one. Here are three and they are all free:

  •     Amazon sells many different flavors of the Kindle. An excellent way to see what a Kindle is like without buying the device is to download a Kindle eReader.  (This is the BC favorite eReader and device due to a powerful search feature and dictionary.)

Click here to download a free .mobi Kindle eReader. There's one for any device or computer.

(While Kindles do not read .ePub files, Amazon has developed an .ePub to .mobi converter called KindleGen which BC has tested thoroughly and has found it works properly)

  •        The FireFox browser handles ePub eBook files the best and provides a free add-on that will open any eBook on the WWW and then allow you to download the book to your computer.

Click here to get the free FireFox browser for either a Windows system or a MAC.

After installing the FireFox browser open it and click here to get the free .ePub eReader add-on.

  •      An all purpose eReader that can read both .mobi and .ePub files is the FBReader.

Click here to download the free FBReader. There's one for any device or computer.


4.    Why is BlackCommentator.com moving to eBooks?

If you already have an eBook device or use an eReader, you know what a convenience eBooks are. All BC eBooks will be offered in both iMobiPocket and ePub file formats, which means you will be able to read BC on any device - the .mobi file for Kindle devices or any device running a Kindle reader and the .ePub file for everything else.

In the last year, more eBooks were sold than hardback books and paperback books, combined. Additionally, a publication in eBook format can be read on any device. People are reading eBooks on tablets, smartphones, PCs, MACs and in the FireFox browser.

We have reached the point in our technology where we are using many different “devices,” rather than computers and so we hope that you will enjoy reading BlackCommentator.com on whatever device or devices you use in your daily life.


5.    How will eBooks change how I read BC?

Because an eBook is downloaded, you will be able to read BC whether or not you are connected to the internet. Now, you will be able to take BC with you to read on the subway, bus, waiting for an appointment, cooking dinner or anywhere else you may be (but please, not while you are driving!).


6.    What if I have questions or comments about BC eBooks?

Use this Contact Page to reach BlackCommentator.com Staff with your questions and comments.