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Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863
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"Those who will not pay tribute under threat of menace must ultimately face the menace."

Jason Hirthler,

We the Sheeple:The Blind Reading the Blind,

Counterpunch, December 8, 2017.

America’s unending search for necessary external enemies transitioned from South East Asia to the Muslim world, the Middle East being at the heart of this shift. The invention of enemies is essential fodder for imperialism’s continued extreme capitalist avarice and the attendant theft of resources for enriching the already bloated pockets of corporations, the true wielders of American imperial power. The full cycle is completed with the attention now being directed to the Uighurs of China and the Rohingya of Myanmar and sporadically, North Korea. Central and South American nations get the unwanted attention from their bullying nemesis to the north, ostensibly to save them from themselves.

The same can be said of the domestic front where hate crimes against Asians are on the rise, events that carry the weight of American imperial racist history. It did not take long for Trump’s “China virus” label for Covid-19 to inspire a mass shooting in Atlanta, GA, of mostly Asian women. The nabbed suspect, in his own words, became a Christian at the tender age of 8 years old and had a love for guns. The blood of the victims had barely dried when pretexts of the suspect, having a “bad day” (not his victims), according to the County Sheriff's Office Director of Communications Jay Baker and sex as a motive for the killings were being offered in the Western “free press”. Racist motives are now being excised with surgical precision by law enforcement officers themselves, who would react in stark contrast had the perpetrators been African American or Muslim.

His victims included a White woman and a Hispanic man. Ignorance continues to inform blind hatred of Bible thumping racists, reminiscent of Sikhs being shot, mistaken for Muslims, or “towel heads” as the killer had intended. The “ragheads” of Iraq morphed into towel heads at home. Reports of these crimes studiously avoid the term “terrorism”, one naturally reserved for Muslims. These atrocities were committed despite Biden’s futile earlier call for hate crimes against Asians to stop. Biden’s appeals in the face of bombing targets in Syria a month earlier killing 22 civilians when he was barely one month in office was a macabre practical joke. No sooner had the blood of the victims of his bombing mission clotted, than Biden wittingly labels Putin a killer. America’s favorite pastimes at home and abroad never take long to plague those unseemly aliens, especially Muslim ones. Else the neoliberal hegemon, always replete with avarice would run out of gas.

In both SE Asia and the Middle East, millions of lives have been sacrificed. Lies – imperial lies always masquerading as truth, juxtaposed with the tired pretexts of spreading “democracy, freedom and human rights”, results of which are still pendant 17 years after the invasion and illegal military occupation of Iraq. Promoting “democracy” abroad that is desperately wanting in America itself is a reflection of the country’s infantile mien coupled with a ravenous domestic appetite for silver screen heroes tasked with saving humanity, not just White America, from perishing at the hands of caped scoundrels or hideous looking extraterrestrial aliens. After the digital celebrities have pulled off their heroic, money-spinning missions on the screen, America will resume normal service and turn on its minorities at home and the usual suspects abroad with unparalleled reckoning.

A truly authentic embodiment of evil in the post-WWII era, George W. Bush, had been quick to fabricate the term “axis of evil”. It provided the perfect cover and distraction from his own then-impending genocidal blood lust which was to be let loose on Iraq, a year later. The man, a thoroughgoing racist and pedigree redneck, was paying homage to the traditions of his supremacist ancestors at home. That this extreme misanthrope, a certified mass murderer, Islamophobe and regime changer at that, should be sick to the stomach at fellow aspiring domestic regime changers, albeit feeble ones, compared to his insatiable bloodthirst should carry a modicum of conscience, must surely stretch all credulity.

As America’s digital demigods busy themselves with saving humanity from alien threats while raking in millions of dollars from braindead fans, “lesser” peoples are somberly reminded that despite there being occasional targets of America's murderous foreign policies, their self-appointed patron remains a “force for good”, a well-worn cliché now repeated by the we-lie-we-cheat-we-steal pompous Pompeo himself. Truth be told, it is the benefit that is exclusive to White America that is being masked as a “good” for expendable aliens. That evil, deadly and grizzly pursuits should carry with them as much as a sliver of good for those on the receiving end of America’s endless wars is a species of logic understood solely by the perpetrators and their muddled devotees.

Now if you were to learn that countries like the US, Britain, and France (who have collaborated in the wanton murder of nearly 2 million mostly Muslim civilians in unprovoked wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan) had a soft spot for Muslims, you would be forgiven for treating any such frail and hypocritical gestures with a hefty dose of cynicism. Not surprisingly, two countries that have taken an infamous lead in the genocide and dispossession of their native populations, Canada and the US, have now joined hands in declaring the treatment of Uighurs by China as genocide. Not a scintilla of evidence of such a nonsensical claim has been presented, going by the definition of genocide as the deliberate murder of a whole community or race (Collins Dictionary). Regardless, the concept of “it-takes-one-to-know-one” is being pushed to its absurd limits, where one side of the genocide equation is utterly peerless. When burdened with the guilt of your history of genocide, you quickly succumb to the temptation of seeing others in similar wicked terms, which you employ as a self-placation tactic. Knowing full well that your genocidal history is indelible, you derive comfort from foisting an equivalent falsehood on others devoid of similar crimes. Little wonder, a Guardian op-ed piece went on a feeding frenzy calling China’s treatment genocide. No mention of the fatalities count required to satisfy that definition, given Britain along with her US puppet master would easily qualify as genocidal nations having dispatched an estimated a million and a half Iraqis to their deaths, making both nations extreme Islamophobes.

Now the idea of China “reeducating” the Uighur Muslims is as repulsive as it is immoral and inexcusable because it involves force, bullying, and coercion of a defenseless minority. It is a breach of a fundamental human right of the freedom of choice whether of expression, culture, religion, or assembly. But genocide it is not. Citizens of all countries, minorities especially must be guaranteed such freedom and their governments ensure its enforcement as an inalienable right. Yet Zionist Israel is the only country shielded not only from criticism but criminalizing such criticism in the US and Western Europe. Constitutional guarantees in these countries are being wittingly undermined to appease Zionist power exempting them from censure, including the long-overdue Israeli war crimes investigation by the ICC. This latter long-overdue measure was roundly rejected by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who by sheer coincidence happens to be half Jewish.

The granting and protection of inalienable rights should apply equally to China as it should to Britain, the US, Israel, and France. Still, was there such an uproar in the West when millions of Chinese citizens were subjected to much more stringent reeducation measures during the cultural revolution of Mao Ze Dung? As long as America’s nemeses are in a self-destruct mode, Western fake human rights principles can be conveniently placed on hold, with the hopes their designated enemies would perish in an act of collective suicide. This would naturally create a vacuum to suck in America’s insatiable appetite for natural resources – all conveniently packaged in savior mode. Humans are only those persons in the good books of America and her cronies – including the homicidal medieval Saudi theocracy. The rest can wallow in their subhuman mud baths.

There is an intriguing parallel between a once pet leader of the West, Aung San Suu Kyi, an undeserving recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace with fellow premature laureates and later anointed “drone king”, Barack Obama, who had ostensibly “nurtured” Suu Kyi. Aside from sharing ill-begotten awards, they both had acquired a ghoulish taste for Muslim blood. One through a genocidal regime against Myanmar’s Muslim minority, the Rohingya, the other through indiscriminate drone strikes in majority Muslim countries as far-flung as Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. As noted above, the fact the US along with her Canadian lapdog and genocidal comrade-in-arms were quick to label China’s treatment of Uighur a genocide, without a shred of evidence, the US was hesitant to label an obvious Myanmar genocide as such, displaying the now all too familiar phenomenon of selective Islamophilia.

Another majority Muslim population in occupied Palestine is off-limits to the Western press, in one of modern history's most effective silencing measures: criticism of Israel. Palestinians are excluded from any benefits of residual Western Islamophilia, not even the selective variety. But this paradoxical coexistence of selective Islamophilia and its more favored and heinous antipode, Islamophobia, is a mind game intended for domestic consumption. Especially in the US, where the Main Stream Media produces gullible sheeple by the millions. And with unfailing regularity.

In the Middle East, Iran, Yemen and Syria, all majority Muslim countries, have now taken pride of place in America’s ever-burgeoning list of fabricated enemies, along with non-Muslim Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. While these serve as examples of selective Islamophilia, the extreme version of this phenomenon – extreme American and Western Islamophilia, anoints the least democratic countries on the planet, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain who receive unqualified support from the US and her allies, because of their sinful affluence (Egypt excluded) and a seemingly endless supply of dollars waiting to be sucked into the coffers of America’s Military-Industrial Complex. Biden, in a reversal of Trump’s crude and frank Islamophobia, is indulging himself, tongue in cheek, in selective Islamophilia. He announced the temporary suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, including a massive $23 billion for the supply of 50 Lockheed-Martin F-35 stealth fighter jets to the UAE. It is tempting to predict that this brief spurt of selective Islamophilia targeting Yemen, will be short-lived since the sale of arms to the UAE is about to resume. Regardless, the crumbling British Empire, in dire need of cash will not follow suit. Nothing personal, just business. Yemenis can then continue where they left off – watch their children die of starvation, disease, and lack of medicines, while lucrative arms deals are being negotiated to bring their Houthi defenders to their knees. We reiterate that patronizing aggrieved groups with palliatives are integral to racist culture: they address the symptoms rather than causes of a malady.

Iran, Syria, Lebanon and non-Muslim Venezuela inhabit the other extreme in this spectrum: that of Islamophobia. Iran is being placed in slow motion genocidal mode with devastating and starving sanctions. Western Europe helplessly stood by as Trump unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA, an agreement signed by the US, China, Russia, Germany, Iran, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. In a blatantly misleading description that places the blame on the victim, Iran, Google’s link to Wikipedia describes Iran’s nuclear position as “defected” and the American one as “withdrawn”, with Iran placed before the US, creating a false impression that it was Iran’s “defection” that led to America’s withdrawal from the agreement. In a blatant distortion of reality, Iran is now said to be in “breach” of JCPOA. The fact that Iran had scrupulously complied with the agreement and that Israel’s estimated 200 nuclear warheads are off-limits in the Western press as is their disregard and opting out of any nuclear nonproliferation agreement is outside the limits of honest discourse in the Main Stream Media.

Israel, in lockstep with America, has been busy killing Iranian nuclear scientists, sabotaging their nuclear facilities and attacking Iranian commercial ships while Israel’s client, the US, has killed an Iranian general with a drone strike inside Iraq. Iran’s potential return to JCPOA is being sabotaged in plain view. The country is pitched against the combined might of the US, Israel, and Western Europe, the latter having done absolutely nothing to mitigate sanctions regimes imposed on them, despite their earlier hollow promises to Iran to help in sanctions relief. A mix of habitual Islamophobic postures and racist nonchalance is being served on Iran with the beneficiaries of America's selective Islamophilia happy to consort with America. But America's wonted lies have become a staple in their Islamophobic and selective Islamophilic postures as a bedrock of their foreign policy in the Middle East. This phenomenon gets to the heart of the racist nature of the imperial project which began in earnest in America’s founding years, one that is shamelessly billed as a monumental historic achievement of the “Founding Fathers”. Guest Commentator Dr.Kweli Nzito, PhD, is a retired scientist living in Thailand. His writings and analysis first appeared in The Black Commentator, Trinicenter, Counterpunch and more recently in American Herald Tribune. Contact Dr. Nzito and BC.

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