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Est. April 5, 2002
Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863

Dear Readers and Friends of The Black Commentator,

On April 5th, 2002, we published the first issue of The Black Commentator. Now, Issue #861 represents nineteen years of effort by our writers and staff to bring you commentary to advance the movement for economic justice, social justice and peace. We hope you will enjoy this issue, especially the cover story, which celebrates the work of activists in St. Louis to bring about meaningful change.

Looking forward, we need your help to keep The Black Commentator going. This past year has been a financial challenge for so many and The Black Commentator has met that challenge by relying almost completely on financial contributions to survive.

Asking for scarce dollars is a difficult model for the success of any organization, especially in a time when there are so many, many demands on the dollars any of us have for making contributions. How does one make the decision about where those dollars should go?

The Black Commentator fosters conversation and thought about solutions for the challenges we all face. One thoughtful commentary can lead to action that brings understanding and meaningful change. This is an important way we make progress in this world. The value of The Black Commentator lies in the ability of commentary to multiply understanding among people and thus, foster change.

When you are deciding where you should put your financial support, please consider contributing to The Black Commentator. Your dollar will spread understanding and subsequent change far wider than any item one dollar can buy.

As we all celebrate BC’s 19th birthday and 861 issues of The Black Commentator, the writers and staff want you to know that we remain committed to bringing you thoughtful commentary, and we hope, that with your help, we will be able to continue doing so for many years to come.

Please click here to make your contribution. Thank you for supporting The Black Commentator.

Bookmark and Share Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863 Cover Story: The People vs the Police - View from the Battlefield By Jamala Rogers, BC Editorial Board Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: Cure for Gun Violence - Political Cartoon By Carlos Latuff, Rio de Janeiro Brazil Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: Republicans Will Jim Crow Their Way Back To Power if Democrats Allow Them - Color of Law By David A. Love, JD, BC Executive Editor Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: In Oklahoma, Florida and Iowa, if a Driver Kills a Protester, It’s O.K. if It’s “Unintentional” - Solidarity America By John Funiciello, BC Columnist Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: 2020 Census and Black Politics By Dr. Walter C. Farrell, Jr., PhD, M.S.P.H., BC Columnist Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: Was Everything Biden Said About Ending the Afghanistan War a Lie? By Sonali Kolhatkar, Independent Media Institute, BC Guest Commentator Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: America’s Selective Islamophilia: Diversifying Racism By Dr.Kweli Nzito, PhD, BC Guest Commentator Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: When Women Become Allies To Save Watersheds and Wildlife By Barbara Williams, Local Peace Economy, BC Guest Commentator Apr 29, 2021 - Issue 863: Arrogant Ignorance - Political Cartoon By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

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Executive Editor:
David A. Love, JD
Managing Editor:
Nancy Littlefield, MBA
Peter Gamble

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