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Many of us know from experience that racists hate. Blacks trying to explain this, have been called “extremists.” Radical.

It’s not a matter of disliking, say, Black people. You can dislike people. Prejudice is one thing, but racism usually has consequences against those who are the target of hatefulness. Oppression. Anti-blackness isn’t harmless. People invest in the thought process and the behavior of a racist to make sure Blacks are discredited, dehumanized, disappeared. To go out of your way to hear and absorb lies about Black people, even if you suspect the truth, is an experience Blacks are forced to have every day in this country.

(What am I saying? I can hear the question I’ve heard so many times before: Why don’t you go back to Africa?).

Truth is painful, and something to be avoided at all cost.

The absorption of little lies every day act similar to pain killers, removing the annoying pain - at least the reminder of some underlying problem we don’t want to confront - out of fear of what we might learn about ourselves. Our condition. Personal and human.

The consequences of such hate targeted at a select population is cataclysmic - that is, those targeted can be killed with impunity; they can be marginalized social and economically. Disenfranchised as citizens in a society that has, whether overtly or covertly, a relationship to the narrative that supplies the lies and the cover up remedy.

I remember every time in Wisconsin when intolerant white neighbors decided they needed to get the insolent N----- away from them! I had to deal with white 20-something males. Sometimes they had the thin fashion-model attached to their arms. Another time it was a 96-year-old who claimed to know who I was. I know you! Last year, it was a couple of Trump supporters.

During those months last year in Trump’s Kenosha County, I suspect that the women using high-tech crap to make it impossible for me to live in my apartment on the other side of a wall had male friends who knew what law enforcement and military gadgets to purchase, what websites to plug into to find out how to harass Black neighbors, how to chase them back to whatever country or zoo they came from. It’s no accident that right-wing groups assemble gear about them as if professional deterrents, guards, militia.

One white woman (again, a Trump supporter), deliberately walked up to me, paused long enough to face me and coughed toward my face, mumbling something when she finally moved on, confident there would be no consequences to her. Hopefully, I’d die! As for the manager at that building, there was no need to wear masks, this is 2020! I can’t make people wear masks!

It was a senior building! But the key Trump supporters were in their fifties and she was in her late 30s or early 40s. And they were white! And only Black people are dying from COVID-19!

One of my building managers had no problems informing me in 2017 that my now deceased cat was on a “bridge” waiting for me. She believed that. I believe this! The righteous-religious white evangelicals, very prominent in Kenosha, are a strong force that if you are not one in this body, you are the unholy one! And you are Black too!

The idea of a Black coming from “Chicago,” living among them in small town Wisconsin, frightens whites who believe that city is infested with Black violent criminals with guns while their city or town has hard-working white folks. Innocent white folks.

I’m not so innocent - given my origins and race. The “violent” one! The criminal from a community of criminals, in a city where Blacks terrorize white residents!

Hate doesn’t have a conscience or express concern. Compassion.

How to explain that level of hate to those who are seeing themselves the way Black and other people of color see them here in the US?

Black people have taken over their country! That’s the big lie. And sure, a man like Trump can come along and push this lie further along the road, however, we’ve seen it in the way whites have, without fear of consequences that have made life hell for Black people in the US.

Black people have become too damn visible. First, the President of the United States and now one is the Vice President - and a woman!

Too much! The pain killers are no longer effective. Anyway, why bother with a cover up, a damper?

And whose country is it anyway?

If I tell someone here in Kenosha that I write for this online magazine, the Black Commentator, I’m likely to receive a look that should be directed at a Proud Boy or anyone of the guys with trucks flying Confederate Flags. I’m on some “social media” site, disseminating a hateful rant against white people! Maybe I’m a member of Black Lives Matter or the Black Panthers, the Black Muslims - something Black, she said! Because we can’t be proud of being Black, no! That’s equivalent to being anti-whiteness. And who in their right mind wants to be anti-whiteness, huh?

They say Kenosha downtown was damaged by Black Lives Matter protesters not anti-Black rioters. I have yet to have a white mention Kyle Rittenhouse’s violence to me. But they will remind me that Blacks are violent. Blacks might as well be responsible for the shooting of Jacob Blake by Rustin Sheskey who the Kenosha DA thought acted in “self defense.”

While Kenosha prepared for a potential protest from Black residents, some local police as well as police from New York and transit cops from Philadelphia, waved white rioters through to the interior of the Capitol. These mobs were determined to destroy and even kill members of Congress, the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Mike Pence, however, these guys were invisible violent elements of US culture. Like Rittenhouse that evening in Kenosha, with his long rifle in hand, he’s offered water by the local police. As a young white man, even armed with long rifle, he’s normal. That is, not so visible as the “criminal,” “terrorists,” “instigator.”

How can anyone see an instigator when he or she is white and the narrative says she’s a “patriot.” He’s a “good ole’ boy.” They are the innocent. The very people this US of A was meant for?

White lives matter!

The residents of the small southern town had already begun referring to him as the “dark” man. Mid-way the novel, Sanctuary, the moment he is arrested and placed in the town’s jail, he’s the “dark” man, accused of kidnapped, holding hostage, and repeatedly raping the judge’s daughter. Anticipating the men calling for a noose around the “dark” man’s neck, the narrative begs its readers to imagine the inevitable. The “dark” man’s attorney, Horace Gowan, viewing the scene of the crime, realized “that there is a logical pattern to evil.” Little lies, little lies!

In the courtroom, the big lie declares a delusion a reality. The district attorney offers to the jury evidence: “‘this object,’” he claimed, “which was found at the scene of the crime,’” and he points to the criminal in the court room.

But the actual criminal wasn’t held as a spectacle within the justice system - since he stood, literally, outside the court building.

And so, the “dark” man, a bystander, a cheerleader even for the man who actually kidnapped and raped the young woman with a corncob, meets the fate usually reserved for “dark” men. That the “dark” man so described, at first, in the narrative as a white man, becomes “dark.”

Everyone, in time, comes to recognize in their town a “dark” man as “criminal.” A Black man, or a white man, in fact, or for that matter, any American who has fallen out of whiteness.

The mob pulled the “dark” man out of jail that night. The night he’s convicted of the crime. Gowan saw the glare from the fire. He saw figures running toward the jail. They had received the signal. Some smelled the gasoline. Another signal that good old American fun was about to start. Those running to engage were “panting” and “shouting.” And then Gowan heard the man screaming and saw the flames surrounding him.

Then Gowan realized the mob was holding him. “It’s his lawyer.” He defended him!

Horace couldn’t hear them. He couldn’t hear the man who had gotten burned screaming. He couldn’t hear the fire, through it still swirled upward unabated, as though it were living upon itself, and soundless: a voice of fury like in a dream, roaring silently out of a peaceful void…”

Some Americans see what they have been programmed to see. Just like fascists. Only in the US, Americans see Blacks everywhere, even when we’re not.

It’s Faulkner. Who else? He, born in Mississippi, lived among these Americans and knew good and well how these Americans thought.

The instigators who concern me the most are those who sat in Congress on that Wednesday, January 6, 2021, in proximity to the members we Americans sent to Congress to represent us. On that January day, the Capitol White Supremacists staged an insurrection that didn’t begin with the police working hand-in-hand with QAnon, Proud Boy, Boogolo Boys, and other right-wing groups. These are despicable people who need to be found and held to account for their actions. But thanks to a culture in which the adoration to whiteness didn’t begin with Trump and certainly won’t end on January 20, 2020, we have ringleaders in a place where the idea of democracy is supposed to be front and center.

Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, who sent out dog whistles to people already suffering from delusional thinking, sit in the Capitol - doing what - if not representing anti-democracy, anti-Black people! Hate! These two senators echoed Trump for almost two months: I won! I won! They stole the election!

And the instigators, in turn, saw Black people as these criminals, the ones who stole the election. Fight and take back our country - Or else!

And the white supremacists responded.

These instigators put forth a vision of an America that can never be - because it never was white!

There’s Hawley, photographed with a clinched fist in the air, seeing visions of a revolution. On that day, did he see the wrong doers crushed once and for all? No second Reconstruction, for them!

As for Cruz, well that one lost his mind to whiteness thinking long ago. Neither instigators Hawley or Cruz are comfortable among colleagues representing citizens who want to mold an America democracy, rather than those who want to maintain whiteness and “American Patriots.”

And let’s get traitors, Pence and Pelosi, too!

There were warnings. Did we actually need the release of an “intelligence” report, more than a week later, to signal danger ahead, in Washington D.C.? I heard that the white nationalists, Trumpers, anti-democracy thugs, and white supremacists were looking forward to January 6th and preventing the certification of the Biden-Harris election. There were warnings but these right-winged mobs were white Americans. Their instigators were white men, senators.

And who didn’t see Hawley and Cruz, believers in the ideology of whiteness, welcoming the mob to the Capitol to do the job? It wasn’t solely a deranged Trump? What was Hawley’s and Cruz’s excuse?

The mob had assault weaponry and zip ties. They set up a gallows, complete with a noose. They went on the hunt for victims!

The old South rising again! Generals, sheriffs, mayors, and pro-South presidents! Dixie Democrats! Bodies swinging, again! Dead bodies!

Senators Hawley and Cruz are anti-Black haters. Anti-democratic. Instigators of haters have to be seen as treasonous traitors.

We Blacks, people of color, Americans, are here because of little everyday lies. We can’t stay here! We can’t breathe here, under the big lie of white supremacy. Editorial Board member and Columnist, Dr. Lenore Jean Daniels, PhD, has a Doctorate in Modern American Literature/Cultural Theory. Contact Dr. Daniels and BC.

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