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Est. April 5, 2002
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2020 was a horror poem

Un poema en desarollo

En la oscuridad de la mente

Darkness ruled day

Dark thoughts abound

It was the cumulative

Conjuncture of “Himism”

Compounded by a

Coronavirus, y otra enfermedad

A five-hundred year old sickness

That emerged from the pores

Of subjugation and hatred

El colonialismo, la enfermedad

De la ilusión que una raza

Puede ser superior a otra raza

That seemingly incurable disease that

Recently fermented over four years

Spread like wildfire throughout the world,

Throughout the nation, exacerbated

By bigotry and hue-hatred

Coronavirus spread in US society

Like a bad metaphor that took lives

La muerte llegó buscado a

La gente más vulnerable

La gente sin defensa,

Como la policía, asaltando, asesinando a

La gente sin defensa

The year of medical science

Disagreeing with rumors, innuendo

Ignorance and ruthless careless politics

Personal freedom smothered

In red-white-blue disease

And him, yes him the billionaire

Who may be broke, the liar

The cruel heartless villain

Whose first words declared

Mexicans as drug dealers, rapists and murderers

And who hated on Black people

Who called murderers heroes

Yes, him, who denied the sickness

And got sick, treated with

Presidential billionaire health care

Declaring, See, I told you it’s okay

While 300,000 people died

In his backyard, without

Presidential billionaire treatment

Yes Spring and Summer 2020

Got hot alright, as people

Hit the streets, because people

Got sick and tired of

State approved murder of

Black, Brown and Native people on video,

Sickness, no jobs, no school, violence

Extended because he lied

Physical illness and social illness

Brewed together in death cool-aid

Pero la esperanza abrazó a la gente

Una visión para un futuro mejor

Despertó a la gente

Muchos de todas razas marcharon,

Gritaban por justicia y dignidad

Decían, ¡Basta Ya! queremos

Una vida mejor en este país

Lucharon y votaron

They struggled and voted

For a cure to end the madness of 2020

¿Saben que? la cultura cura, dicen

Los poetas, los cantantes, los escritores, los músicos

Llenaron el cielo con pensamientos

De justicia, igualdad, dignidad y paz

A rainbow for a just society

And human health over profits

Jobs, school and familia

Filled the skies with hope

The old year retires, weary and worn

And the new year, 2021, arrives

Fresh, energetic, with people’s aspirations

A new year, hopefully, will be

A metaphor for things to come Guest Commentator Poet, Joe Navarro, is a Literary Vato Loco, creative writer, poet and teacher, who currently lives in Hayward, CA. His work is inspired by poets Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Lalo Delgado, Gloria Anzaldua and others. His poetry echoes experiences and sentiments of oppressed people who struggle for justice, equity, self-determination and humanistic self-definition. Contact Mr. Navarro and BC.

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