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Est. April 5, 2002
May 14, 2020 - Issue 818
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Vietnam Vets
and the
Covid 19 Death Count

By Chuck Siler
Carrollton TX

This is  special to BC because when I last saw the death stats, I was pissed. I am a Viet Nam veteran and worked out of the Qui Nhon Information Office as a correspondent. I started doing this character of indeterminate ethnicity as a spokesman for those soldiers whose voices weren't heard.

Sean was a veteran of every war that ever was and his battered helmet and beard above a simple line (The strip was called The Front Line) were a part of his trademark.  His word balloons were always being punctured or nicked by the bullets fired by his personal sniper.  That didn't discourage his cynical view of the war that was going on.

When I hear IQ45 spouting his inanities, I grow tired of the fact that this cowardly gutter punk would bloviate himself to hero hood.

This is the only time I've ever put a body on Sean and that was so I could label the tee shirt.  I have a problem with the ignorant orange guy and his contingent of idiots.

The photos of him playing tennis after claiming to have "bone spurs" is another lie. I was taken into the army with a damaged knee (Two steps across a closet sized office "proved" that I "walked with a normal gait").  I'm from a tough South Baton Rouge neighborhood and had done jail time (illegal picketing) in 1961 and put up with threats and harassment when running a voter registration project in my hometown in 1962.

I wasn't afraid of being shot at and I wasn't going to dishonor my father and uncles who served in WWII and Korea.  One of my uncles died as a result of wounds suffered in WWII (shot by a Caucasian American soldier for being "uppity").  I respected and honored them and, ironically, managed to do some good for my brothers during my stay in country.  Many of those who read The Viet Nam Review missed the fact that Sean was antiwar and definitely a member of the "majority".

I had to say something so Sean was resurrected. The protest continues.

Peace and stay safe.

Chuck Siler artist/cartoonist Charles E. "Chuck" Siler's works feature a variety of themes ranging from New Orleans' lively and unique jazz scene to its lively and equally unique political scene. He uses his art and political cartoons to comment on life's complexities, warts and beauty marks.

His creations include fine watercolors and acrylics and pen and ink cartoons. His cartoons are featured on a regular basis in The Louisiana Weekly.

A Katrina evacuee, Siler has spoken on New Orleans history across the USA at universities and culural events. Contact Mr. Siler and BC.

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