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July 25, 2019 - Issue 799

It's Time to Fight Trump
Fierce Force
Unabashed, Unapologetic Zeal!

By Dr. Elwood Watson, PhD
"At the moment, it appears that deeply infested, weaponized,
racialized politics will be a major staple of the 2020 presidential
election. The appropriate response must be to fight such
atrocious behavior with a level of deft sophistication,
fierce force and unabashed, unapologetic zeal!"

Lord have mercy! What has the past several days wrought?! Some weeks are made for the history books! There is no doubt that history will look back upon the week of July 14–20th 2019 as a time when the nation was embroiled in a literal daily specter of racial animus. The vast majority sinisterly engineered and spearheaded by our derelict commander-in-chief himself.

As if his prior, racially inflected comments had not been distasteful enough, Trump managed to hurl an apocalyptic verbal hand grenade into the political bonfire when he recklessly chided congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley as being “ungrateful haters of America and that each of them should “go back to the respective nation’s that they came from.” Yes! you read that last sentence correctly! For each of them, that would mean The United States of America!

Not surprisingly, as you can imagine, all sorts of hell broke loose both inside and outside of the beltway in D.C. Trump took all sorts of verbal body blows and was justifiably being politically pelted from all quarters, from across the entire political spectrum. Columnists, pundits, bloggers and commentators of all stripes weighed in on the matter. Suffice it to say that things got pretty damn heavy!

While espousing, cruel, irresponsible, callous rhetoric has been par for the course for our 45th president, this latest round of comments shell shocked even his most ardent critics, Even those Whites (and there are many of them ) who disingenuously try to downplay or deny racism played/plays a role in much of any factor in American society, let alone exists, could muster up enough arrogance or shamelessness to abnegate that the orange haired, hot tempered, often oversensitive president engaged in a gross level of racial invective.

Indeed, the term “go back to where you came from” is one of the oldest, most pedestrian racial comments in the books. It is classic Archie Bunker Racism! Pure and simple! As if most of you did not know already, Trump has had an ongoing history of employing racist language in his rhetoric to his followers:

*In the early 1970s, the Justice Department sued the Trump management for discriminating against prospective Black applicants who were seeking housing in their properties. Both Donald Trump and his father, Fred were named as defendants in the lawsuit;

* He took out an ad in the New York Times demanding the death penalty for five Black and Hispanic kids who were charged in the notorious Central Park jogger rape case and decades later refuses to acknowledge his arrogant error and apologize to these men who were exonerated years ago

* Reportedly resented Black accountants managing his money due to what he perceived to be their predisposed, genetic laziness

* Brazenly re-tweeted racist and anti-Semitic insults from Nazi sympathizers

* Referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists and murderers”

*Said that a judge was unfit to preside over a case due to his Mexican heritage

*Was a primary supporter of the sinister “birther” movement — along with Orly Taitz — that promoted the claim that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya

*Referred to African and Latino nations as “shithole” countries

*Identified an African American attendee at one of his campaign rallies stating “look at my African American over there, isn’t he the greatest?!

The list goes on! Stop me if I am lying!!!

The undeniable truth is that such blatantly acerbic remarks are the epitome of pure, unadulterated textbook racism. Period.

Given his past and present behavior, Trump’s latest verbally racially bigoted temper tantrum should have not have caught as many people off guard as it seemingly has done so. That being said, there are a number of people who appear to be genuinely appalled by his latest verbal animus. Truth be told, we are currently residing in an era where innovative ideas and sprawling, detailed, in depth, economic and social policy plans have taken second shrift to brash, tough talking, belligerent, induced soundbites and rhetoric. The previously long held embraced adage “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar,” has been turned on its proverbial head. Whether people want to recognize this deeply unpleasant truth or not.

There are those such as house majority speaker Nancy Pelosi and other democratic party leaders who are advocating that party members “take the high road,” “turn the other cheek” message. These are the men and women (in particularly party elders) who are very cognizant of how much is potentially at stake with next year’s presidential elections. Nonetheless, the reality is that adopting and embracing such a “we are the world,” “he/she ain’t heavy, he’s/she’s my brother/sister,” philosophy, may not prove to be all that advantageous or sagacious as a strategy.

If President Trump is going to attend, preside over, entice and agitate his already largely racially rambunctious and unhinged base of MAGA supporters into delirium at perversely passionate, frenzied, rhetorical 21st century White supremacist events that eerily resemble those deliriously and derelict Nuremburg rallies of the 1930s and eventually spawned one of the most devious, demonic and evil groups and individual's ever known to mankind, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, then the time for loving thine neighbor as much as thyself and endearing yourself to those who spitefully misuse and abuse you has long passed and is very ill advised.

At the moment, it appears that deeply infested, weaponized, racialized politics will be a major staple of the 2020 presidential election. The appropriate response must be to fight such atrocious behavior with a level of deft sophistication, fierce force and unabashed, unapologetic zeal! Our nation’s future could very well depend upon it! Guest Commentator, Dr. Elwood Watson, PhD is a Professor of History, African American Studies and Gender Studies. He is also an author and public speaker. His forthcoming book, Keepin' It Real: Essays on Race in Contemporary America will be published by the University of Chicago Press later this year. Contact Dr.Watson and BC.




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